Updated; June 2017
Annual / Final Report Form
Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship
See Terms of Reference at: http://www.smu.ca/academics/faculty-of-graduate-studies-and-research.html
Deadline: Students must submit their annual/final report and supporting documents to their Graduate Program Coordinator by
April 10. Complete documentation from the Graduate Program Coordinator must be submitted to the FGSR office by May 1 each
Student: Please fill out sections 1 to 5
1. Provide your name and contact information
Last Name
First Name
Student Number
Mailing Address
2. Provide information about your program and status
International Student
Canadian/Permanent Resident Student
3. Identify the priority sector that aligns with your research - (PLEASE SELECT ONLY ONE)
Ocean/Marine Technology
Life Sciences
Information and Communication Technology
Clean Technology
Social Innovation
Aerospace and Defence
Health and Wellness
Resource Sector
Financial Services
Title of Research Project:
4. Attach a one page description of your research, the progress you have made in the past year and how the
research will ultimately advance the economic and/or social wellbeing of Nova Scotians.
5. Confirm the following and provide a signature
I understand that funding in subsequent years depends on:
completion of the annual / final report form
maintaining first class standing
registering with full time status
approval by the FGSR Awards Committee
have not previously received the NSGS for 2 years (Masters) or 4 years (PhD)
I am not eligible / not requesting renewal of the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship
I am requesting that I be considered for renewal of my Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship
Updated; June 2017
Supervisor: Fill out section 6
6. Sign the following declaration
I support the student’s request for ongoing funding from the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship.
I confirm that the student’s research falls into the priority sector identified above and that they have made satisfactory
progress in the past academic year.
Graduate Program Coordinator: Complete the checklist
7. Complete the checklist to confirm ongoing eligibility
Student has been registered in all terms since admission
Student has a GPA of 3.7 or above (on 4.3 scale)
Student has achieved a passing grade in all courses
Student is registered full time
Student is recommended for renewed funding
With this form submit the following to FGSR:
One page description of student’s research,
progress to date, and how the research may
ultimately advance the economic and/or social
wellbeing of Nova Scotians
An up to date unofficial SMU transcript printed
by the Graduate Program Coordinator
Scholarship Awarded
Signature Dean or Designate
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