5 2 5 S O U T H L A W R E N C E S T R E E T
M O N T G O M E R Y, A L A B A M A 3 6 1 0 4 4 6 1 1
PHONE: (334)-206-7200 FAX: (334)-206-7204 WEBSITE: M H A T O D A Y.O R G
Hearing impaired assistance is available in Alabama by dialing 711
Crime and Fraud hotline call: 334-206-7111
Dear Owner:
Please be advised this is my 60 day notice to vacate the unit at
I understand that in order to receive a voucher to move into a new unit, I must be in
compliance with:
Participant Obligations
Lease Obligations, with my rent being paid up to date and no tenant caused damages
in my current unit.
There can be no pending court order evictions filed against me.
You understand that my Housing Assistant Payments will cease on ______________ .
Tenant Signature Date
Landlord Response: Please email this form to Frontdesk@mhatoday.org.
Tenant is NOT in good standing
Tenant is in good standing
_________________________________________ ___________________________
Landlord signature Date E-email / Phone Number
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