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Once you have filed your Petition for Assisted Outpatient Treatment, it becomes the Probate Court’s responsibility
to cause notice of the petition and hearing to be given to the individual who you believe is in need of treatment. A
Mental Health professional from Common Ground will: 1) meet with the individual to assess the situation, 2) serve
him/her personally with a copy of your Petition and the Notice of Hearing and 3) prepare a Proof of Service for the
court file. If there is insufficient information to locate and serve the individual, be aware that the petition must be
dismissed or adjourned.
Therefore, the court requests the following information so that Common Ground can locate and serve the individual.
Please fill out as much of the information as possible. This document will NOT become part of the probate court
legal file. Thank you.
All of the following information is regarding the individual allegedly in need of treatment.
Name ________________________________________________________________________
DOB _____________________ Race________________ Gender: Male___Female___
Drivers License Number _____________________________
Permanent Address _____________________________________________________________
Telephone Number(s) ____________________________________________________________
Where will he/she most likely be during the day? List address and times.
Where will he/she most likely be during the evening? List address and times.
Does he/she work? If yes, list name and address of workplace, telephone number, and usual work
Does he/she have a Friend of the Court case? If so, in which County?______________
Is there anything else that we may find helpful in locating the individual?
Signature __________________________________________ Date ______________________
Rev. 3/2014