Student Life Request Form
East Grand Forks Thief River Falls
Field Trip Student Life Activity Student Life Purchase
Title of Event/Activity/Purchase
If Applicable: Date (s) Time Club Representative/Contact Name
Location (If Applicable)
____ On Campus (Describe specific location below)
____ Off Campus (See note below for information that must be submitted, plus describe travel arrangements in space provided)
If off campus, indicate location (City, State or Country) __________________________________________________________
Please check for required documents:
If purchasing items, describe what, amount and total expense (need to be approved prior to purchase).
Cost centers and/or budget reports must be submitted with request to identify source/s of funding for activity.
If using college logo or likeness must obtain approval from marketing director. _____________________ (initial, date)
Waiver of Liability forms must be completed for all off campus travel and other applicable events.
Itineraries must be attached, including departure and return times, destination/s, and list of attending individuals.
If traveling out of MN, Out-of-State Travel/Special Expense form must be completed and attached listing student
participants which require the approval of the College President.
If utilizing a state vehicle, drivers must be approved through the online approval process. If approved driver is under 21,
he/she may only drive in MN.
The use of private vehicles for college-related activities is prohibited, unless approved by college administration.
If taking a chartered bus-a Minnesota State Services contract is required.
Requests for activities and travel must be approved prior to the event.
All goods and services must be encumbered prior to the event.
If ordering food, Special Expense (Out-of-State Travel/Special Expense) form must be completed prior to encumbrance.
Groups wanting to use outside food vendors must comply with college food purchasing process.
NCTC policies are applicable during on and off campus activities.
Participation of a college representative maybe required depending on the nature of the trip.
Special Equipment/Set-Up Requirements (If Applicable)
_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Student Senate Advisor Date Facilities Director (On Campus Activity) Date
Check to add to “Northland Now
_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Dean of Student Affairs or Director of Athletics Date Facility Scheduler (On Campus Activity) Date
_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Dean of Academic Affairs (Field Trips only) Date Club/Organization/Team Advisor Date
I claim the club advisor per diem under the MSCF Contract yes no
Please submit completed form and any required documentation to: EGF Campus - Reception Desk TRF Campus Office 451
For Internal Use Only
Place event information on TV Monitors (Develop powerpoint slide and send to marketing director to post)
Email event information to Students and Employees (Furnish a summary of event to front receptionist (EGF) or Jason Pangiarella (TRF)
PDF copies to: Facilities Director (On Campus Events only) PDF completed top sheet to: Supervising Dean
2/6/2020 bgh
College representatives are expected to do their best due diligence to ensure a safe and educational experience.
Northland Community and Technical College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator.
This document is available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities, consumers with hearing or speech disabilities may contact us via their preferred
Telecommunications Relay Service by dialing 711 (toll-free nationwide).