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rev. 2/2018
Instructions: Senior citizen students must complete the Non-Degree online application prior to the start of term.
Once the application has been processed, you must wait until the Add/Drop period to register for classes to
ensure there is space available in the course. Return completed forms to the Registrar’s Office for processing.
Student Name: ___________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________
Term: Fall __________ Winter __________ Spring __________ Summer ____________________
(Year) (Year) (Year) (Year & Session)
Please add this class: Course Title: ________________________________ Course Time: ________________
Course Subject:______________ Course Number:________________ Course Section: ______________
I would like to take this course for (please initial): Credit ________________ Audit __________________
I understand that once this agreement is made, it may not be changed. I further understand that the grade of
Audit (AU) will be recorded on my transcript and the course may not be counted towards a degree requirement.
Please note you have until the end of the 9
week to elect to audit this course.
Student’s signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: __________________
Instructor’s Signature: _______________________________________________________ Date: __________________
The Board of Trustees at West Chester University has approved a waiver of tuition and all auxiliary fees for senior
citizens enrolling in classes on a space-available basis. The Board stipulates that a person applying for the fee
waiver must be sixty years of age or older, retired, and a resident of Pennsylvania for at least a year.
I certify that I am: sixty years of age or older, a resident of Pennsylvania and am retired from an occupation.
Student’s Signature_______________________________________________________ Date:___________________
The Senior Citizen Program does not include internships, independent study, individualized instruction, student
teaching, thesis, seminar or any similar course requiring extra faculty compensation.
rev. 2/2018