In This Issue
Upcoming Moves
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LRC Outreach Meetings
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Employee Benefits (pp.5-6)
Reprographics is Moving
Sexual Harassment and
Abusive Conduct Training
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IT Updates (p. 11)
New Police Cadets (p.12)
Maintenance and
Operations Update (p.13 )
Internal Event Planning
Bill and Adele Jonas Center Construction, Indian Valley Campus
Construction and Communication
It was wonderful to see everyone at the
Spring Convocation. The spring semester is
well underway and the Measure B Capital
Projects continue to improve our campuses.
In preparation for the construction of the new
Learning Resource Center (LRC), the
majority of the offices and classroom moves
took place before the holiday break. I want
to thank everyone who worked tirelessly during the
transition and ensured that our facilities were ready for the
return of our students. Additionally, the architects will be
back in February, March, and April, for forums on the LRC/
Student Services Project Design Process. See page 2 for
LRC forum dates, and I hope you can join one of the
sessions. The table below shows the remaining moves still
needed to get the building fully vacated. Thank you for your
continued patience and cooperation as we improve our
College infrastructure.
Fiscal Update
In December, the auditors completed the Districts annual
financial reports without any findings. I want to commend the
Fiscal Services staff for their diligence in meeting our
financial obligations and keeping our accounting records in
Sadly, we lost our long-time colleague, Doris Tucker, in
January. Doris served in the District as Senior Payroll
Specialist. We were fortunate to have worked with a
dedicated and hard-working employee like Doris. She
touched so many lives in our College community during the
last 37 years, and she will surely be missed. Read more on
page 5.
Internal Event Facility Request Form
Aside from planning, communication is key in order to make
an event successful. Event coordinators must now complete
the internal event facility form at the beginning of their
planning process. By submitting the form, our division
receives the necessary details in order to identify staff and
resources needed to support your events prior, during and
even after. Read how to plan an internal event on page 14.
Read Ahead
Please read the rest of this newsletter to be updated with
Measure B projects, COM Wellness program, important
deadlines from Human Resources, upcoming move of
College Services department, and more about the
Administrative Services Division.
I hope you find this information useful in your daily
operations, and I wish you a strong spring semester!
Bi-Monthly Newsletter February 2020
Scheduled Move Date
Reprographics Spring Break 2020
Library Spring Break 2020
Move FH Staff back to Spring Break 2020
Other (Remaining Offices
and Mailroom)
Spring Break 2020
Bookstore Relocation April 12th—April 20th
MeetingDate&Time MeetingType Audience Location
CollegeCouncil AC303
Time:TBD LRCDesignTeamMeeting
Vendors/Contractors KTD(RoomTBD)
Vendors/Contractors IVC(RoomTBD)
Master Plan—
Updated Maps:
Please use the link below to
access the updated campus
maps from the Facilities
Master Plan:
Facilities Master Plan:
Updated Maps
Master Plan
College of Marin has
recruited four at-large
community members to
serve on the Landscape
Master Plan Committee. The
planning process will take
approximately nine months,
and the committee will be
meeting through spring
For additional information,
contact Isidro Farias,
Director of Capital Projects,
at 415-457-8811 extension
Capital Projects
Measure B Bond Projects
Weve had a very busy Fall in Capital Projects with ongoing construction projects at
both campuses and planning the moves in preparation for the LRC Building abatement
and demolition.
At the Kentfield Campus, construction at the Maintenance and Operations building is
progressing and will continue with estimated completion in April 2020.
Fusselman Hall 120, Kentfield Campus
Capital Projects
We anticipate the M&O staff will be
moving into their new facility next
month (photo on right). The
Fusselman Hall project started in
December and will continue into
Spring 2020 with anticipated
completion in April 2020. The
portables located at the center of
campus and along Circle Drive
have been completed and are now
in use. Thanks to faculty, students
& staff for their patience and
understanding during this time of
transition. During the Fall, we
moved quite a few groups out of the LRC and into the new portables and into the
Student Services building. Thanks again for everyones patience as we continue
to clear our the LRC of the remaining groups. The moves are all needed to allow
us to begin abatement of the LRC in April and demolition of the building starting in
June of this year.
In January, the LRC Building Architectural & Engineering firm began the
engagement process with faculty, staff, students and the Community. The
Architectural & Engineering firm is working on finalizing the building program so
that they can begin the building design process. They will be back on campus
from February 19
through February 21
. More information will be posted and
sent out once the times/locations are finalized. More information is also
forthcoming regarding presentations on the scheduled abatement & demolition of
the LRC.
At the Indian Valley Campus, we have the Miwok Center under construction with
an estimated completion date of Spring of 2021. The Jonas Center project
continues with an estimated completion date of August 2020. An IVC Open House
is tentatively planned for October 2020 which will incorporate the grand opening of
the Jonas Center. More information to come.
Thank you for all your patience as we work to improve our campus. Feel free to
contact Isidro Farias, Director of Capital Projects, at ifarias@marin.edu should you
have any questions or need more information about the Measure B projects.
About Measure B
To provide modern, well-
maintained educational facilities
for our students, Measure B will:
Repair and upgrade
classrooms, science labs,
vocational education facilities
and job training centers for
21st-century careers in
technology, computers and
Repair or replace leaking
Modernize and update
science classrooms and labs
Update classrooms and
educational facilities to meet
current earthquake, fire and
safety codes
Update campus facilities to
provide access for disabled
The CitizensBond Oversight
Committee (CBOC) is responsible
for reviewing Measure B
expenditures with quarterly
meetings open to the public.
March 18, 2020
4:30 PM 6:00 PM
Indian Valley Campus
1800 Ignacio Blvd.
Novato, CA 94949
Building 10, Room 140
Aerial Photo of New Miwok Center Construction, Indian Valley Campus
The SISC Health Smarts
Biometric Screening Program
is coming in March/April 2020.
This free program is available
to all employees as well as
spouses and dependents over
the age of 18. All eligible SISC
members also receive a
financial award, as explained
below. Non-SISC members
will receive the screening only.
Know Your Numbers
The SISC Health Smarts
biometric screening measures
your blood pressure,
cholesterol, glucose, and
other important health-risk
indicators. The screening is
provided onsite and takes less
than 15 minutes. Your results,
along with an explanation of
what they mean for your
health status, will be
immediately available online.
You can even track your year-
to-year progress if youve
participated in prior screening
events. Your test results are
completely confidential;
nobody at your school or in
your district will have access
to the results. However, you
certainly are encouraged to
print out your results to share
with your doctor. Many past
participants have commented
about how beneficial the
screenings have been,
alerting them to previously
unknown health issues that
are most easily controlled
when discovered early. Some
have even said that their
screening provided lifesaving
SISC Members earn
financial awards
All SISC Members who make
an appointment and
participate in the screening
will receive a $25
Amazon.com Gift Card
(code). One out of every 50
SISC Members who are
screened with an appointment
will also win an additional
Continue on page 6.
Fiscal Services
In Memory of Doris Tucker
The Fiscal Services Family would like to
thank all of you for your kindness and
caring support after the tremendous loss
of our long-time family member, friend and
colleague, Doris Tucker. Doris began her
long career in May 1983 and served the
District for over 37 years. Although we will
be grieving for some time, your very
thoughtful cards, gestures, and kind words
have helped us get by, and are very much
appreciated. In honor and memory of
Doris who we will always love and miss,
we wanted to share some of the
comments we have recently received
about Doris:
Doris was dedicated to the College and to
her job for over half of her life…. Everyone
knew Doris.
I have such fond memories and
tremendous respect for Doris. I learned
so much from her. I know this is a huge
loss for the College of Marin.
Doris was a great person.
Doris was pragmatic, reliable, honest,
caring and more. She definitely had a
calming influence, particularly during any
payroll crisis. She was not only a rock
solid co-worker, but also a very good
person and friend.
Doris is no longer with us but will never be
such a valued staff member like Doris.
May you find solace in the memories of
fun times and her payroll wisdom legacy.
Doris will be missed by many.
Doris touched so many of our lives
through her kind, calm and patient
efficiency as she went about her work at
the College.
Losing Doris is like losing a family
Doris was a great lady.
Doris has been nothing short of
phenomenal. Shes been a joy to work
with from my interactions with her.
Doris was one of a kind and I really liked
Many employees (now retired) loved
She will be truly missed.
In honor of Doris, the Fiscal Services
Family will be making personal donations
to the Advancement Office perhaps for a
bench or a commemorative item at the
Indian Valley Campus. Contributions are
Fiscal Services Staff (missing from photo: Ron Owen, Keli Gaffney, Ellen Shaw,
Devendra Shrestha, Jenifer Satariano, Jesse Klein, Katy Bauer)
Spring 2020 Wellness Change
In the New Year, many people set
resolutions and goals for themselves.
By February and March, it becomes
difficult to maintain those goals and
resolutions. The College of Marin
Employee Wellness Program wants to
help you with achieving all your 2020
health goals and resolutions. To do this,
we have created the Spring 2020
Wellness Challenge!
During the Spring 2020 semester, there
will be lots of different wellness activities
for you to participate in. Whether you
prefer on-site classes, app-based
wellness challenges, or assessing your
health, there is something for everyone
to participate in for this challenge! Also,
the more activities you participate in, the
more chances to win prizes!
More details will be provided later about
how to participate in the Spring 2020
Wellness Challenge. Here is a sneak
peek of all the Wellness activities that
will be offered in Spring 2020:
COM Wellness Program
Spring 2020 Wellness Challenge
SISC Biometric Health Screenings
American Heart Association –
Health Survey
Workouts Challenge on COM
Fitness App
COMmunity Hour Classes
COM Wellness
Wednesday, February 12 – Plant-based
diets – Lunch and Learn by MarinHealth
(bring your lunch)
Location: AC 255
What plant-basedmeans
Explore different plant-based
Current research on plant-
based diets for disease
prevention & management
How to start a plant-based
eating pattern
Resources for further learning
March Madness Fitness Classes taught
by Michele Vaughan
Location: Fitness Center
Wednesday, March 4, 12:40 pm
– Zumba
Wednesday, March 11, 12:40
pm – Yoga
Wednesday, March 25, 12:40
pm - Movement during the day/
Exercise at your desk
Wednesday, April 1, 12:40 pm -
Core, balance and stabilization
and/or Mat Pilates
Wednesday, April 15 - Know Your
Numbers and Move your Numbers –
Lunch and Learn by MarinHealth (bring
your lunch)
Location: AC 255
COMmunity Hour @ IVC – Walking
Wednesdays at 12:40 pm – meet at the
grass area between buildings 7 & 8.
Financial Workshops:
Landed Home Buying Assistance –
Thursday, February 6, 9 am and
4:00 pm, AC 105
AIG Financial Advisors (Jeff Isley) –
Friday, February 21, 9 am – 5 pm,
AC 303
Medicare 101 – Monday, March 9,
1:00 pm, AC 246
CalPERS Workshop – Planning
Your Retirement - Wednesday,
March 25, 9:00 – 11:30 am, VS1
Beneficiary Updates
As part of our Financial Wellness theme
this semester, it is a good time of year
to review and update your beneficiary
forms, if necessary.
The Hartford – Life Insurance (return
to the COM Benefits Office)
Beneficiary Designation Form
CalPERS (return directly to CalPERS)
CalPERS Beneficiary Designation
CalPERS Special Power of
Special Power of Attorney form
Death Benefit Estimate Letter
To request this, call CalPERS at 888
CalPERS (or 888-225-7377), Press 1-
Retirement Checks, Press 3-Everything
else. Identify Yourself and request a
Death Benefit Estimate Letter.
Included in that letter will also be any
Beneficiaries and Special Power of
Attorney designations.
CalSTRS (return directly to CalSTRS)
Recipient Designation Form
Survivor Benefits
TDS 403b/457b
Check with your 403(b)/457, the
Investment Company to manage your
beneficiaries. If your Investment
Company does not have a Beneficiary
Designation form, please contact Ron
SISC Screening
The following are the 2020 SISC
Biometric Health Screenings
Tuesday, March 10, 9:30 AM
1:30 PM - IVC
Wednesday, March 11, 9:30
AM – 1:30 PM – Kentfield
Wednesday, March 25, 9:30
AM – 1:30 PM – Kentfield
Wednesday, April 1, 9:30 AM
1:30 PM – Kentfield
Wednesday, April 8, 9:30 AM
1:30 PM – Kentfield
Make, Change or Cancel an
Appointment Today
Make an appointment online
now at http://sischealth.com
(use Internet Explorer)
Get your numbers at the
health screening event.
SISC Members earn a $25
Amazon.com Gift Card (code).
Take the American Heart
Association - Health Survey
The appointment system is
available 24/7. Specific time
selections are available until 6 PM
the evening before the screening
event. You can also schedule
appointments for any of your
family members who would like to
know their numbers.
Online Help:
1. Please use online help at http://
sischealth.com, Then choose
Need Assistance
2. Email
support@medivonservices.com or
(from personal or work email)
Check both spam and junk files in
your email
Create a Simple Will
Employees who have a Group Life
Insurance policy from The
Hartford, have access to
EstateGuidance®Will Services
provided by COMPsych®. This
free service helps you create a
simple, legally binding will online,
saving you the time and expense
of a private legal consultation.
Follow the instructions on the back
page of this document.
College Services
Moving Day is here
The big day is upon us! Like many departments, College Services will be moving
to brand new locations this spring at 941 Sir Francis Drake and the new
Maintenance and Operations building. We want to update you on the latest
changes and news regarding all the moves so that we can minimize any
interruption in services. We anticipate very limited operations during the move, so
planning around this disruption will be extremely important.
Planning ahead is key!
If you have any graphic design, event promotion, or print projects with specific
deadlines in March, its important to notify us in advance as far as possible so we
can assist you in planning around our move dates. If at all possible, please try to
avoid deadlines during the month of March as that will be the prime time of the
various moves.
Feel free to call or email us well in advance of your anticipated needs so that we
can perhaps work together to complete your project prior to the move dates or
schedule it for the weeks after. We will do everything we can to assist with jobs,
however, please know that during the transition time, last minute rushes and
emergency jobs may be delayed if not previously scheduled.
Whos Going Where?
Every department in College Services will be moving at some point in the next few
Creative Services:
The first phase will likely entail moving the Creative Services team: the two
Graphic Design Specialists (Dave Mahoney and Roger Dormann), the Senior
Creative/Lead Web Designer (Shook Chung), and the Director (Annie Ricciuti)
from their various offices in the Learning Resources Center into the beautiful new
space at 941 Sir Francis Drake. This is likely scheduled to occur sometime the
week of March 9
. We hope to be up and running in a couple of days after the
moves, if all goes as planned, but again we do anticipate some service disruptions
so please be aware this may affect any pending projects during that time.
How will the
College Services
Move Affect You?
Change always requires adapting
to new ways of being and doing
and its understandable that our
new locations will definitely take
some getting used to! However,
we will still be available and ready
to assist you with all your design,
print, receiving and mailing service
For the first time ever, the Director,
Designers and Print Services will
all be under one roof! We are
excited to continue our productive
but always fun environment and
wed of course love to see
everyone! Please feel free to come
by and check out our new location
or drop in to say hi anytime. We
will continue to offer the same
friendly faces, helpful service and
quality jobs youve come to expect
and we look forward to inviting
everyone to an Open House once
we are settled in.
Copy Projects and Mail
We anticipate all services to
continue as usual once we are
fully up and running.
As a courtesy, we will offer twice
daily drop off of completed copy
jobs to the Kentfield Mail Room, in
the morning and then mid to later
afternoon. Mail services will
continue as is, and there will be
locations in the new Mail Room to
drop off outgoing first-class mail,
which will be processed as usual
each afternoon. Interoffice mail will
be distributed in the new Mail
Room in the afternoon as well.
For larger projects and mailings,
please contact us at 415-485-9447
and we will be happy to arrange
delivery or distribution as needed.
New Office for College Services—941 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Kentfield
How will the
Services Move
Affect You?
Receiving and
Large deliveries and
package receipt will continue
as usual for the time being,
until the opening of the new
M&O building. At that time,
we will communicate any
relevant changes and
update everyone on the
most current information
regarding how the move will
affect any services in this
area. The courier run
between campuses will also
continue as usual. Please
feel free to call or connect
with us regarding any of the
moves, any questions you
have or to plan ahead of the
anticipated March dates. We
are here to help and look
forward to welcoming
everyone to our new home!
College Services
Print Services
Print Services (Reprographics) will also be located at 941 Sir Francis Drake. This will
be the most complex and time-consuming move as there are many and varied logistics
involved in moving all the equipment, supplies, paper stock, shelving and work spaces.
We anticipate the move for Print Services to begin on March 16
and continue
throughout that week, as it will take several days to breakdown, move and reinstall the
equipment, and to unpack and organize the new space.
Printing and copying services will be extremely limited the week of March 16-20.
We plan for the smoothest transition possible, however please be aware that during
this time, we will do our best to accommodate all print requests but will require
patience, flexibility and possibly more time than usual due to the move.
The current Mail Room in the LRC will
be moving as well during the spring.
The new location will be in the AC 255
Atrium, just behind the large classroom.
Prior to the move, please pickup your
mail and have your mailbox cleaned out
as much as possible to help insure that
the move goes smoothly and mail is
secure. The Atrium will have the same
key pad/code as the current mail room
and is also accessible by key fobs. We
will announce any relevant move/
closure dates as soon as possible.
The Receiving office and loading dock will remain for the present in the current
Maintenance and Operations building at 120 Kent Avenue. However, when the new
Maintenance and Operations building is completed in the spring, Receiving will be
relocated to the new warehouse at that location. Stay tuned for more details and dates
to come soon.
Interior of First Floor, 941 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard—New Home for College Services
From Social
Media on
Vacation? Its
Tough at First
Taking a vacation from
social media and digital
technology while you travel
can cause withdrawal
symptoms, but a small study
suggests youll come to
enjoy the offline experience.
The British study included
24 people. During their
travels to 17 countries and
regions, most unplugged
from technologies such as
mobile phones, laptops,
tablets, social media and
navigation tools for more
than 24 hours. Their
reactions before, during and
after their digital detox
were gathered through
diaries and interviews.
Many had initial anxiety,
frustration and withdrawal
symptoms, but then
increased levels of
acceptance, enjoyment and
even liberation, according to
the study published Aug. 14
in the Journal of Travel
Many people are
increasingly getting tired of
constant connections
through technologies and
there is a growing trend for
digital-free tourism, so it is
helpful to see the emotional
journey that these travelers
are experiencing,said lead
author Wenjie Cai, a lecturer
at the University of
Greenwich in London.
Read more on page 10.
Human Resources
Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Training SB 1343 Mandate
for Non-manager Employees
To ensure Marin Community College Districts compliance with SB 1343, and per the
notification sent in August 2019, all non-manager employees should have completed
Sexual Harassment & Abusive Conduct training by November 27, 2019.
If you did not complete the training by the deadline, please complete the training
as soon as possible via COMs ProLearning web page:
1. http://mycom.marin.edu
2. Log in using your District network credentials
3. Employee Tab ››› Quick Links ››› ProLearning
4. On ProLearning page, scroll down to Search for Training and type SB 1343
5. Click Sexual Harassment Prevention for Non-Managers (SB 1343)
6. Click Launch, accept the Acknowledgment, then click Start Course
For MyCOM Portal technical assistance, contact the IT Department at x8888 or the
Help Desk at http://it.marin.edu/support/help-center.
If you have any questions pertaining to this training requirement, please contact
Human Resources at hrcom@marin.edu or x7340.
District Holidays and Important Dates
Remaining Holidays and important dates for 2019/2020 Academic Year
Lincoln Day—Campuses Closed
February 14, 2020
Washington Day– Campuses Closed
February 17, 2020
Spring Break (offices are open)
March 16-21
93rd Annual Commencement
May 22, 2020
Memorial Day—Campuses Closed
May 25, 2020
College of Marin Human Resources Department
Human Resources
Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program
(See MCCD Board Policy 3550, Adopted 12/14/10)
The District prohibits the unlawful possession, use, sale, or distribution of illicit drugs
and alcohol by students and employees on the Districts property or as part of any of
the Districts activities, including but not limited to field trips, activities or workshops.
State and federal law prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing,
possession, or use of alcohol or any controlled substance on District property, during
District sponsored field trips, activities or workshops, and in any facility or vehicle
operated by the District.
Violation of this prohibition will result in appropriate action up to and including
termination of employment, expulsion, and referral for prosecution, or, as permitted
by law, may require satisfactory participation in an alcohol or drug abuse assistance
or rehabilitation program.
As a condition of employment, employees must notify the District within five calendar
days of any conviction for violating a criminal drug statute while in the workplace.
The District is required to inform any agencies that require this drug free policy within
ten days after receiving notice of a workplace drug conviction.
Counseling and Treatment
If you are in need, drug or alcohol counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation, or re-entry
programs or referrals are available to employees or students. The District provides
confidential referrals through an ANTHEM Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for
employees and their families needing assistance with drug or alcohol abuse (800-
Unplugging From
Social Media...
Researchers said there is growing
demand for digital detox holidays.
Our participants reported that they
not only engaged more with other
travelers and locals during their
disconnected travels, but that they
also spent more time with their
travel companions,Cai said in a
journal news release.
The findings could be important for
travel companies seeking to
develop off-the-grid vacation
packages, according to study co-
author Brad McKenna, a lecturer
at the University of East Anglias
Norwich Business School.
Understanding what triggers
consumersnegative and positive
emotions can help service
providers to improve products and
marketing strategies,he said in
the news release. The trips our
travelers took varied in terms of
lengths and types of destinations,
which provides useful insights into
various influencing factors on
McKenna noted that some
participants enjoyed being offline
right away or after a brief
adjustment, and others took longer
to accept it.
Many also pointed out that they
were much more attentive and
focused on their surroundings
while disconnected, rather than
getting distracted by incoming
messages, notifications or alerts
from their mobile apps,he added.
However, the study found there
was a downside: Many participants
were overwhelmed when they saw
all the incoming messages and
notifications received while they
were away.
More information: The Henry Ford
Health System offers ideas on how
to take a break from digital
technology. https://
Source: Journal of Travel Research, news
release, Aug. 13, 2019
Banner Student System Challenges
As you may be aware, we
recently experienced a
failure in the Banner SIS
system causing the Add
Authorization Codes
function to break. That error was due to
the installation of a wrong customization
patch. Although we quickly corrected
the mistake, it had caused disruptions
for a couple hours. We will be holding
ourselves to a higher level of diligence
going forward!
Campus Moves
Many of you may have been
affected by the pervasive
campus moves. The
Information Technology
team is working to
reconnect your devices and making
sure all is working properly. If your office
space or lab still need attention, please
submit IT related tickets to our COM
ServiceDesk. We thank you for your
patience during these transitions this
COM ServiceDesk
COM ServiceDesk is the
College's IT helpdesk system.
It supports tickets for the
following service areas:
Information Technology,
Enrollment Services, Student
Accessibility Services and Institutional
Data Team. All MyCOM users, including
students, may search the integrated
knowledgebase for answers and/or
submit tickets. Please explore the COM
ServiceDesk from the MyCOM portal or
using the link below https://
Citrix Remote Apps
Citrix provides a secure
virtual platform to deliver
applications and desktops to
staff and students off-
campus. The system is
optimized to successfully serve
multimedia applications, such as Adobe,
AutoCAD, Rhino, etc. on personal
computers and mobile devices. Please
explore the new Citrix Remote Apps
from the MyCOM portal or using the link
below https://apps.marin.edu. For
technical support on your personal
devices, please see the Citrix support
COM Wifi
For onboarding your
personal mobile devices
into the College wireless
network, please use the link
https://byod.marin.edu or
scan the QR code. Step-by-step
instructions can be found at the COM IT
website. Users may also visit the IT
offices at Kentfield SMN135.
For all IT questions, call extension 8888
or stop by our office at SMN 135.
More IT Updates
Password Management Tools
With the proliferation
of online accounts,
management has
become a daunting
task. It is advised that
savvy users adopt a tool for
managing their many personal
account credentials. Writing up
passwords in a Word file in a
computer is no longer secure. You
may search for a suitable tool from
Google using the following link:
Disclaimer: College of Marin gives
no warranty and accepts no
responsibility or liability pertaining
to any or all matters related to
users own password management.
Zoom Video and Web
If you often host
meetings, please sign
up for your Zoom
account with the following link
http://conferzoom.org/. For
information on getting started, read
the quick guide: http://
Brown Bag Sessions
If you need help with
any of our current
technologies, we are
offering a number of
basic training sessions in our office
at SMN137. Please use the link
below to register for a session.
Helpful tools and links:
Microsoft Office: our users can
benefit from free Microsoft Office
applications for personal use,
which can be downloaded from the
Office 365 platform through the
MyCom portal. https://
Software discounts: If you are
looking to purchase software for
either personal or academic use,
please consult the link below.
Make sure to read up on the
Terms of Use. http://it.marin.edu/
Section 21113A of the
California Vehicle Code
grant the authority for the
Marin Community College
Police Department to
enforce ALL Vehicle Code
violations on the parking lots
and roadways within College
District property. In addition,
the District may adopt it's
own regulations, to provide
adequate parking and the
safe movement of
pedestrians and vehicles.
The following information is
posted at the entrance to
college parking lots:
Valid properly displayed
parking permits are
required at all times
(Sundays, and school
holidays excluded.)
Staff permits must be
displayed in designated
staff areas
Park in marked stalls only
Obey posted signs and
No parking between 2 a.m.
and 6 a.m.
Vehicles parked over 72
hours will be towed at
owner's expense
Illegally parked vehicles
will be cited or towed
Speed limit 10 mph
Authority by 21113A CVC
Vehicles parked in lot 13
(free parking lot) must be
parked perpendicular
facing a log or boulder, no
parking between 5 p.m.
and 7 a.m.
No motorhome or bus
parking in any lot/team
buses must make
arrangements with the
Physical Education
Department prior to arrival.
Upper Parking Lot 5 at
IVC in Novato is free
parking. The area is
designated with yellow
lines painted on the
ground. If the free parking
area is full visitors must
use another lot and
purchase a parking permit.
New Police Cadets
This semester we are
pleased to be joined by
two new police cadets.
Please say hello to
Ogyen and Mason the
next time you see them
on campus. Ogyen
Tembay (photo above) is currently
majoring in Business Administration, with
a focus in accounting. He plans on
transferring to a four-year university to
continue his degree. Before attending
College of Marin, Ogyen came to campus
for a tour and really liked it, and many of
his friends were going to attend as well, so
he saw it as a perfect fit. Growing up,
Ogyen always wanted to be a police
officer. For him, working as a Cadet will be
the perfect opportunity to gain experience
in law enforcement and be prepared for
his career goal. Outside of work, Ogyen
likes to spend time with friends and family.
He also enjoys playing video games,
football and cooking.
Mason Marotta is also
a student at COM
pursuing a degree in
Administration of
Justice. He would love
to either transfer to a
CSU, or go directly into
the police academy.
Mason came to College of Marin because
he believes that it offers the same
services and educational opportunities
that universities do, but without the high
associated cost. Sergeant Dustin Ruiz
came to his class for a presentation about
the Cadet program, and Mason was
immediately interested. He thought, what
better way to acclimate himself with the
culture of the job than actually taking a job
with a police department! Outside of work,
Mason enjoys watching hockey and tries
to go to the gym at least four times a
week. He also likes to unwind at the end
of the day either with video games or
watching TV.
Parking Reminders
The Colleges parking regulations apply
365 days a year unless otherwise noted.
Illegally parked vehicles can be cited and/
or towed, even if the class is not in
session. Read all signs and road markings
carefully. Be sure to park only in a marked
stall, clearly display your permit, and lock
your vehicle.
Parking permits are required Monday
through Saturday (except school holidays)
even if a class is not in session.
If you received a
citation, visit Citation
Processing Center at
CitationSearch.aspx and follow the steps.
For more information about campus
parking and to learn about other services
provided by Campus Police, please visit
the Campus Police website.
Maintenance and Operations
New Location
Aside from completing current projects and attending to work orders, everyone in
our department is busy getting ready for our upcoming move to the new
Maintenance and Operations building and District Warehouse. We have years of
inventory and files to organize as we get ready for our move. The construction is
estimated for completion in April 2020. I want to thank the entire M&O team for
working diligently before the holiday break to assist the departments who have
moved to swing space in preparation for the construction of the new Learning
Resources Center. To prepare for the relocation of the Campus Bookstore in the
current District warehouse, a few of my staff including myself, will be temporarily
housed in the Learning Resource Center. Thank you so much your patience and
cooperation during this time of transition.
School Dude Reminder
Please be reminded to use the School Dude app to log any maintenance
requests, including problems with electronic door locks (SecureALL).
New employee key requests must still be accompanied by the key fob
request signed by the appropriate department head or manager (link to
form is available at Maintenance and Operations website). In an emergency,
Campus Police can assist with letting you into a locked room; please call Dispatch
at (415) 485-9696 or ext. 7696 from a District phone. If you do not have access to
School Dude, please report the issue with as much detail as possible to your
Department Administrative Assistant who can log the request.
Please do not email Maintenance & Operations staff with requests as they are
often "in the field" and your email may not be seen in a timely manner. The School
Dude queue is checked several times daily and requests routed, so it should be
used for all Maintenance and Facilities requests. If you have questions about
School Dude, please contact Maridel Barr, Administrative Assistant for
Maintenance & Operations, via email at mbarr@marin.edu, or ext. 7451.
U-Key Request Form
Please use the key-request form for all new key holders. Please fill
out this form to receive the requested keys before your new
employees arrive. Download U-Key request form at the
Maintenance and Operations website and refer to U-Key
Information Sheet for user guideline.
Roasted Root
Veggies Make a
Hearty Winter
Dense root vegetables such as
sweet potatoes and parsnips
benefit from roasting. They
sweeten as they cook, making
for healthy comfort food during
cold winter months.
Follow these general steps
for any hard vegetables:
Start by cutting them into
uniform pieces, so theyll
roast and brown evenly.
(Otherwise, you can end
up with either burnt or
under cooked pieces.)
Next, toss the vegetables
in a healthy cooking oil like
olive oil, and sprinkle
lightly with salt, which
helps to bring out their
Line a baking sheet with
parchment paper to
prevent sticking. Then
spread the vegetables
evenly so that all pieces
will brown at the same
rate. Roast in a preheated
400-degree oven for about
45 minutes or until tender.
The high temperature is
key to bringing out the
sweet flavor plus it gets
dinner on the table faster.
Serve roasted veggies
as a side dish instead of
pasta or white rice with
your favorite protein like
chicken, or blend with
broth for this fast and
rich- tasting soup to
take the chill off a cold
New District Warehouse Construction, Kentfield Campus
Working on
Whether you are planning
for a small or big event, the
following departments often
collaborate to make your
event a success. Other
special events may require
more coordination with
additional departments on
Please remember to reach
out to them as soon as you
begin the planning process.
1. Facility Rentals
(415) 884-3124
2. College Services
(415) 485-9393
3. Maintenance and
(415) 485-9449
4. Campus Police
(415) 485-9467
5. Marketing and
(415) 485-9508
6. Information Technology
(415) 884-3180
7. Advancement
(415) 485-9528
8. Administrative Services
(415) 883-3101
Facility Rentals
Welcome back and happy spring
We are already a few weeks into the
semester, and events and facility use has
been in full swing. As we all navigate
through this semester with the moves and
construction, communication will be
really important among all of us, especially
when hosting events, speakers and even
regular meetings.
Did you know that when planning any
event on campus, there are at least eight
people across seven different
departments that are involved in making
that event happen? This is why it is
imperative that communication happens
often and early.
How to Plan an Internal Event
1. Fill out the Internal Event Facility
Request form. See last page of
newsletter to download the PDF form.
2. Contact Lindsay Bacigalupi for initial
3. For printing requests, contact College
4. Submit work orders via School Dude.
5. Identify budget source. Any custodial
overtimes must be paid by the
department requesting the service.
Please make sure you are submitting your
facility use requests early through
Facilitron and your work orders through
SchoolDude. We want to make sure ALL
campus events are scheduled,
coordinated and on the Facilitron
calendar. The more details of the event
you can provide, the more we are able to
assist you. It is wonderful to bring our
community together, so if there is anything
I can do to assist, please let me know.
Conference Rooms and
As you plan ahead this semester, please
understand that space and facility
availability at the Kentfield Campus will be
limited due to current construction
projects. Please consider hosting your
meeting or event at the Indian Valley
Campus. There are many renovated
buildings and classrooms available to you.
Please send your request early.
Because space is limited, it is important
when using conference rooms that we are
all mindful of our scheduled use times and
who might be coming in after us. Terry
Brown and myself are here to assist you,
so if you would like the conference room
longer, or if you no longer need the space,
please inform us. Also, please be
reminded that AC 217 is a restricted
conference room. The only meetings that
are allowed to be scheduled in that room
are meetings that include Cabinet
If there is anything I can assist you with,
please let me know.
I hope you have a wonderful semester!
Contact Us
Give us a call for more
information about our
Administrative Services
(415) 884-3101
Capital Projects
(415) 485-9518
College Services
(415) 485-9393
Facility Rentals
(415) 884-3124
Fiscal Services
(415) 884-3160
Human Resources
(415) 485-9340
Information Technology
(415) 884-3180
Maintenance and
(415) 485-9449
(415) 485-9467
Facility Rentals
Upcoming Events*
*We apologize for any events that may have been missed.
Portable Village Classroom 4, Kentfield Campus
1/21-2/14 The Deepest Color is Read – Unbound
Paintings by Jeffrey Beauchamp
Monday-Friday, Noon-5pm
2/11-12 Club Fest SS Quad 11:30am-1:30pm
2/12 Mens and Womens Basketball Games Gymnasium, 5:30pm and 7:30pm
2/13 Baseball Game vs. Mission COM Baseball Field, 2pm
2/14 Baseball Game vs. Lassen COM Baseball Field, 10am and 2pm
2/14-2/17 Presidents Weekend Holiday College Closed
2/18 Baseball Game vs. San Mateo COM Baseball Field, 2pm
2/21 Faculty Recital Spring 2020
Mens and Womens Basketball Games
Womens Beach Volleyball
Lefort Recital Hall, 7:30pm
Gymnasium, 5:30 and 7:30pm
Beach Courts KTD, 1pm
2/22 Faculty Recital Spring 2020 Lefort Recital Hall, 3pm
2/26 Celebrating Black History Academic Center Quad
2/28 Friday Author Series—Michael Shapiro
The Tempest, Drama Performance
Library, Kentfield Campus
James Dunn Theatre, 7:30pm
2/29 The Tempest, Drama Performance James Dunn Theatre, 7:30pm
3/1 The Tempest, Drama Performance James Dunn Theatre, 2pm
3/6 The Tempest, Drama Performance
Baseball Game vs. Laney
James Dunn Theatre, 7:30pm
COM Baseball Field, 2pm
3/7 Mariner Invite, Swimming and Diving
The Tempest, Drama Performance
Golden Gate Brass Band
IVC Pool
James Dunn Theatre, 7:30pm
Lefort Recital Hall, 3pm
3/8 The Tempest, Drama Performance
(Talkback with the director)
James Dunn Theatre, 2pm
3/10 Baseball Game vs. Napa Valley COM Baseball Field, 2:30pm
3/11 Womxns History Month AC 255, 12:30pm
3/16-21 Spring Break No Classes
Internal Event Facility Request Form
Rev. 1/19
Faculty/Staff Student Club/Organization
Contact person:
Event type:
Email address:
General Meeting
Phone number:
Title of event:
Description of event:
Time of actual event:
From: To:
Total time including set up and breakdown:
From: To:
Date of event:
Requested location(s):
Requested room(s):
Estimated attendance:
Events with 100 or more people will require 4 hour
minimum OT (ex: custodial, grounds, police etc.)
Room Set Up
Please check and fill:
6 ft #
8 ft #
Please attach
event layout.
Audio Visual
Please check and fill:
Will there be food
at this event?
Yes No
If yes,
on campus:
Suzy Lee
off campus
Recurring dates if applicable:
Other questions:
Need rooms unlocked and locked
Other requests
*Requester/Department is responsible for all
Schooldude requests and overtime
Faculty/Staff/Organizer: Signature:
For facility office use only:
Date received:
Approved Denied
OT needed:
Clear all fields