NEW/REHIRE FORM-Upon completion, return to Office of Human Resources, 216 Bray Hall—Questions: 315-470-6611
Employee Last Name ____________________________________ First Name_________________________________ Middle__________
Employee Title ___________________________________________________________________
Employee Email Address (email to which the letter of appointment and documents should be sent)
Check One:
Dr.______ Ms.______
Mrs._____ Mr.______
______ Employee-Regular ______ Employee-Summer
______ Employee—SUNY FT Undergraduate
_______ Employee—SUNY FT Graduate: ______Masters or ______PhD
Salary Actual Earnings
______ Annual $ __________________
______BiWeekly $ __________________
______ Hourly $ __________________
Approximate Hours Per Week _________
_____ Summer $ ____________________
Work Week *
_______ Full Time
_______ Part Time-FTE% _________
# ______ Work Region # (See below **)
Project # Award # Task # LD %
Salary Start Date: _______________________________ Salary End Date: ____________________________
Project Director Approval (Required for all appointments)
Print Name:___________________________________________________
Date: ____________________ Phone #: ___________________________
Department: _________________________________________________
Department Chair/Director Approval (Required for all appointments)
Number Work Region ** Description
Great NYS Other than NYC, Long Island and Westchester
International Outside of the United States
Long Island and Westchester Suffolk, Nassau, and Westchester Counties
NYC Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island Boroughs
Out of State In the United States but not in New York State
* For purposes of pay calculation under the requirements of the Fair
Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 as amended, the Research
Foundation (RF) has established a workweek period that extends from
Saturday at 12:00 a.m. through Friday at 11:59 p.m. Within this
workweek period, the Research Foundation has established either a 37.5-
hour or 40-hour standard workweek as the basis for full-time employment
[1.0 Full Time Equivalent (FTE)]. Part-time employment is calculated
on the standard workweek. The designation of standard work week is based
upon position requirements. Although assigned a specific standard
workweek relative to the core business hours of the college which is
37.5 hours per week, exempt employees are not covered under the
overtime provisions contained within the Fair Labor Standards Act
(FLSA). As such, they may be required to work hours outside of their
standard workweek, based upon job responsibilities or business.
For HR Office Use Only:
Date Submitted to HR _____________________________ Employee Number _______________________________________
_________ 37.5 Exempt or _________ 37.5 Non-Exempt
Date Processed into Onboarding _____________________________ Visa Type _____________________________
I-9 Completed _____Yes _____No Work Authorization Exp. Date _____________________________
Date I-9 Completed _____________________________ _____________________________
E-Verify Date _____________________________ _____________________________
Case Verification # ______________________________________ _____________________________
Student Status Checked _____________________________
Date Appointment Input in Oracle _____________________________ ___No ___Yes - Dates:____________________
Date LD Input into Oracle _____________________________
Grad/VISA Share File Done
RPA Copy Bursar
Start Date Verification
Copies to Payroll
Retro Required
Retro LD Input Date _____________________________
Special Notes _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Revised 9.23.19
Print Name
_________________________________________ _____________________
Signature Date
Credential Verification (all non-student employees) _____________