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An address is eligible for change if it meets one or more of the following requirements: the address does not fit into the proper numerical sequence with
surrounding addresses, the address contains a fraction or alpha designator, the address causes confusion, the address is difficult to locate, or the address
does not match the physical access.
Fees: New addressing fees are effective every July 1st. Please check the fee schedule posted on our website.
Applicant Information:
Name of Applicant:
Agency Name:
Telephone #: Fax #: Email:
Property Owner (if different than above):
Signature of Owner/Agent: ______________________________________
Property Location:
Street Name and Number (if known): _____________________________
Subdivision Plat Name: _____________________________
Book/Page: Lot #: Block #: Tax Parcel #___________________
Section, Township and Range of subject property (if known): ___________________________________________________________
Property Type:
Single Family Residence Apartment/Condo Commercial Manufactured Home
General Description of Your Location:
Please be as descriptive as possible. Include any intersecting streets within 500 feet of the subject property. If this
address request if for new construction, please include a copy of the site plan with this application. If this is a new
split, include a copy of the recorded deed and the street name the property is accessing from.
Reason for Address Request:
New Construction
Existing number out of sequence
Property split (include recorded deed and a copy of the approval letter from the Pima County Minor Lands Division PH: 724-9000)
Property consolidation (include copy of signed lot consolidation form)
Other (Please Explain)
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