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Broadening of Classification Application (Revised 10/20)
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General Instructions
1. Please type or print in ink when completing this form.
2. Make sure this application is properly signed by a principal.
3. Include the required application fee of $250.00.
4. Read all instructions carefully. The Board desires to provide courteous and timely service to all applicants. To maximize its
efficiency and the level of service, the Board will process complete applications only. A complete application includes all
applicable supporting documents and fees. The Board will not act as your agent in gathering information or supporting documents
necessary for the consideration of your license application. Incomplete applications will be returned to you.
5. Leave no space blank. If a particular question or request for information does not apply to you, put “NA” in the blank space to
indicate the question has received your attention.
Business Name: Use the legal business name as it appears on your license. If there has been a change in your legal business
name, a separate change of name application is required.
Legal Business Name: ______________________________________________________________________
(Use Name as Set Forth on the License)
License Number: _____________________
This application can only be used to broaden your license within the existing category. For example, if you currently hold a C4-a
(Painting) license, you can broaden to include any other subcategories within the C4 classification. This application cannot be used to
obtain a license in a different category or to change or replace your qualified employee.
You will find a classification list on pages 4 and 5. For a complete description of each classification and sub-classification visit our web
Classification Requested: _________________________________________
If there are multiple sub-classifications within the classification for which you are requesting to broaden, the trade qualifier must
substantiate experience for the full scope of work for which you are applying. Separate qualifiers for individual sub-classifications
are not allowed.
Reference certificates must substantiate a minimum of four (4) years experience in the classification for which the application is
being submitted.
Supporting documentation must be included for the classification for which the application is being submitted.
You must have, within the 15 years immediately preceding the filing of this application, a minimum of 4 years work experience as
a journeyman, foreman, supervision employee or contractor in the specific classification requested. Work experience
documentation must be provided with the application.
DOCUMENTED WORK EXPERIENCE: The Board will accept the following types of documentation in support of your
1. Four (4) Certification of Work Experience Forms for EACH Trade Qualifier;
Certificates should be completed by employers, other than the applying company. If you are a self-employed
contractor, customers for whom you have performed work for should complete them. Relatives cannot complete
the certificates, unless they were your employer.
Each certificate must verify the experience for the trade(s) being applied for. Certificates that are not complete or
specific regarding the actual work performed will not be accepted.
PLEASE NOTE: The aggregate time of experience (all certificates combined) must equal a minimum of 4 full
years (1460 days). Each individual certificate does not have to demonstrate 4 years’ experience.
Nevada State Contractors Board
Broadening of Classification Application (Revised 10/20)
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Any certificate determined to be false or misleading may be considered misrepresentation or omission of a material
fact, in violation of NRS 624.3013(2).
Additional documentation may be requested by the Board as necessary.
2. A current Master’s Certification issued by a governmental agency in a discipline substantially similar to the requested
3. Proof of transferrable military experience and training; or
4. Proof of eligibility for Licensure by Endorsement (See Section 9).
RESUME OF EXPERIENCE: Complete the Resume of Experience Form and submit with this application.
If the qualifier has served as a qualified employee in the same classification on another Nevada state contractor’s license
within the last 10 years and your documentation is still on file with the NSCB.
Examination Requirements: A Business and Law (CMS) and trade examination will be required. The trade exam will
be specific to the classification requested. You will receive an Examination Eligibility form after the application is
submitted and experience is verified.
Candidate information bulletin, exam content outlines, and order forms for the
“CMS” exam and trade exam(s) reference manuals are available on the Board’s website.
Examination fees are separate and will be paid directly to the Board’s exam provider.
You may be eligible for waiver of the trade exam under the following conditions:
o Current/Recent Nevada Qualified Employee: If you have served as a qualified employee on a license in the State of
Nevada in the same classification requested in good standing within the last 10 years and your test scores are still on file
with the NSCB.
B or B-2 Exam Waiver: Applicants for a full “B” General Building or “B-2” Residential and Small Commercial license
may be considered for waiver of the trade exam if you have passed the National Association of State Contractor
Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) Accredited General Building Exam. You will need to purchase and electronically send
your transcript to the Board. Work experience documentation, as outlined in Section 7, must be provided.
Trade Exam Waiver by Endorsement You may qualify for waiver of the trade exam by endorsement if you are
licensed in one of the states listed on the State Equivalency Chart, available online.
Under certain circumstances the Nevada State Contractors Board will waive the trade examination requirement and/or the
experience certification requirement for applicants that qualify for licensure by endorsement. These waivers are granted for
applicants who are licensed in states determined by Nevada to have substantially equivalent requirements.
In order to apply for licensure by endorsement, you will need to have been actively licensed in the endorsing state for the past four
(4) years and not have had any disciplinary actions, suspension, revocation or other sanctions against your license.
Please review the State Equivalency Chart to determine if you are eligible to be relieved of the trade examination and/or
experience certification requirement based on endorsement by another state.
In order to be considered for licensure by endorsement you must submit with your application a Request for Verification of License
Form, completed by your endorsing state.
I am requesting licensure by endorsement based on the license listed below and have attached a completed Request for
Verification of Licensure form from the endorsing state.
**The Board reserves the right to require an examination, and/or experience certifications of any
applicant regardless of current or previous licensure.**
Nevada State Contractors Board
Broadening of Classification Application (Revised 10/20)
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I am authorized to sign this Affidavit and Release Authorization on behalf of the applicant described and identified in this application.
The applicant is qualified in all respects for the license for which it is applying in this application.
To the best of applicant’s knowledge, the information contained in the application and its supporting documents are free of fraud,
misrepresentation, or omission of material fact. To the best of applicant’s knowledge, the information contained in the application and
its supporting documents are truthful, correct, and complete; and, discloses all material facts regarding the applicant and associated
individuals necessary to properly evaluate the applicant’s qualification for licensure.
Applicant will ensure that any information subsequently submitted to the Board in conjunction with this application or its supporting
documents meet the same standard as set forth above.
Applicant understands to apply for or obtain a license or to otherwise deal with the Nevada State Contractors’ Board through the use of
fraud, forgery, intentional deception, misrepresentation, misstatement, or omission is cause for denial of this application.
Applicant understands that this application will be classified as a public record and will be available for inspection by the public, except
with regard to the release of information classified as confidential pursuant to NRS 624.110. Confidential information includes; credit
reports, references, financial information, and investigative memoranda.
Applicant understands that the Nevada State Contractors’ Board has the authority to conduct appropriate background investigations for
the purpose of verifying all statements and facts represented in this application and supporting documentation.
Signature Requirements: A principal of the applying company must sign this application.
By: _________________________________ Title: _________________
_________________________________ Date: _________________
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