5390 KIETZKE LANE, SUITE 102, RENO, NEVADA 89511 775) 688-1141 FAX (775) 688-1271, INVESTIGATIONS (775) 688-1150
2310 CORPORATE CIRCLE, SUITE 200, HENDERSON, NEVADA, 89074 (702) 486-1100 FAX (702) 486-1190, INVESTIGATIONS (702) 486-1110
the undersigned trustees on behalf of trust do hereby indemnify the creditors of
______________________________________________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as Licensee),
as guarantors and as sureties, against any loss or damage the said creditors may suffer as a result of licensee’s failure to promptly pay
obligations incurred by it in the ordinary course of construction business within the State of Nevada.
It is further agreed that the undersigned, as sureties, are firmly bound unto Licensee for the benefit of the said creditors; and, it
is further agreed that this Agreement as a guaranty is separate and absolute, and that the undersigned are obligated hereunder as
guarantors in addition to their obligations as sureties. No election of remedies is intended and its obligations hereunder are cumulative,
joint and several.
This Agreement is continuing and shall remain in force until ninety (90) days after the undersigned has delivered a written notice
of revocation to the Nevada State Contractors Board. Such revocation shall not affect any of the undersigned’s obligations hereunder
with respect to indebtedness theretofore incurred before the effective date of termination. (No release of one undersigned from liability
hereunder, by operation of law or otherwise, shall release any other undersigned.)
Acceptance by creditors is waived and no continuation, renewal, change, or alteration in the contractors license granted to
Licensee shall in any way relieve the undersigned, their heirs and legal representatives from any liability assumed hereunder.
The undersigned further agrees to be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Nevada and the Federal Courts for
the District of Nevada, and laws of the State of Nevada in connection with all of its obligations and liabilities in connection with this
Words used in this Agreement which import the plural number shall be deemed to include the singular; words used herein which
import the singular shall also be deemed to include the plural.
Date: _______________
__________________________________________ _______________________________________________
Trust (Print Name) Address
_____________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________
Trustee (Print Name) Signature Address
_____________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________
Trustee (Print Name) Signature Address
Subscribed and sworn to before me this ________ day of ______________, _________
____________________________________________, Notary Public in and for County of ___________State of _______.
My Commission Expires: ______________________
Certification of Resident Agent for Indemnitor (Required only if indemnitor is not a Nevada resident)
I hereby certify that I am the resident agent for this indemnitor for the purpose of accepting service of process in the
State of Nevada in connection with any and all legal actions instituted in the State of Nevada pertaining to this
indemnification agreement for the benefit of the Nevada contractors licensee stated above. I recognize my obligation to
notify the State Contractors Board, in writing, of any change in address.
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Revised 12/2008