Revised 7/29/2019
Information Technology
Employee (Faculty and Staff) network account creation is initiated when the Human Resources Department formally
accepts a new employee through Lander University’s Banner ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System.
Employee accounts are automatically generated and reflect the employee’s first initial followed by the employee’s
last name. The name used reflects the employee’s official legal name as recorded in the Banner system.
There is a 30 character limitation on employee account names, so if an employee’s name exceeds that limitation, the
last characters of the last name will be truncated.
In the event that two (or more) employees share the same first initial/last name combination, a numerical character
(1-up) will be appended to the end of the second employee account name. (For example: Joe Walker is a new
employee. His system-generated account is When Janet Walker is hired next week, her
system-generated account will be
Employee names that are hyphenated or contain special characters will have the special characters removed and
replaced with their standard 26-letter English alphabet equivalent. (Hyphens will be removed and the two parts of the
name will be added together.)
Once Human Resources officially accepts new employees, account creation will typically take place within 3
business days.
If you are not sure what your network username is, you can log in to Bearcat Web and view your email address
under the ‘Personal Information’ section. If you are unsure how to log in to Bearcat Web or have difficulty, please call
the ITS Help Desk at (864) 388-8234 for assistance.
Password Administration
Users will be provided information concerning account identification, the default password, and methods for resetting
network passwords. Please call the ITS Help Desk at (864) 388-8234 for assistance.
Changing Your Network Username
1. Review the User Responsibilities and Acceptable Reasons for Changing a Username sections below.
2. If applicable, change your name at the Registrar's Office and/or Human Resources.
3. Submit a Network Username change form to ITS.
4. Unsubscribe from any mailing lists and news groups using your current network username.
5. ITS will review the request and, if approved, will create a new network username and will designate it as the
preferred username. You will be notified the username change has been completed.
6. Upon notification that your username has been changed, you will need to:
o Make the appropriate updates to your personal information including business cards, syllabi and
Departmental Directories.
o Subscribe to mailing lists and newsgroups with your new network username.
User Responsibilities
1. The user is solely responsible for identifying and supplying the names of systems on which the old network
username is used for login access or alternatively notifying any system (computer or software) manager of any
Revised 7/29/2019
2. The system manager of any system is solely responsible for responding to the request to make the physical
change of the network username on the system upon notification by ITS or the user.
3. If the network username is in use on multiple computer systems, the physical change of the username on
each system is done by the manager of each system and may not occur simultaneously. This means that the
both the old and new username may need to be used on separate systems until all changes have been
completed. ITS cannot control systems not under its direct management.
4. The user is solely responsible for notifying all correspondents of the change of email address.
5. ITS will not create an email alias or forward email from the old network username to the new network
6. The user must manually unsubscribe from lists with the old email address and re-subscribe using the new
email address.
7. Users are responsible for coordinating any required movement of files on a computer system from the old
network username to the new network username with the system administrator.
8. File and resource access authorizations will be lost. The user is responsible for contacting owners of files and
resources they access to request new permissions based on the new network username.
Acceptable Reasons for Changing Your Network Username
1. Marriage, divorce or other legal name change. These changes must be made in official university records:
Registrar's Office for students, Human Resources for employees, or both if the individual has dual status, e.g.
student employee or staff that take classes.
2. The constructed username is vulgar, extremely suggestive, or is clearly objectionable. These are not typical
since the Network Username is created automatically from the first name, last name, and/or initials.
Information Technology
Prior to filling out this form, please review the Network Username Changes document above and be sure that you
understand the implications of changing your network username.
Current Network Username:
Current Legal Name as recorded in Banner:
Reason for change request:
Lander System Access: Due to my position duties, I regularly access the following (Check all that apply):
Banner Administrative Interface
I access information to view only.
I edit information.
I run Banner Jobs.
I use BDMS/Xtender.
I use Automic/UC4/AppWorks.
Bearcat Web Administrative Interface (To view Employee or Student Information)
Bearcat Web Finance Interface (To view Budget information)
Time Approval
Departmental Shared Folders
Personal Network Folder
MyLander Administrative Interface
I edit Targeted Announcements.
I perform other Administrative duties.
AdAstra Scheduling
Select Survey
Echo 360
Other systems I routinely access:
Other special concerns:
Revised 7/29/2019
I understand that once my network username has been changed, I am responsible for making myself and any Lander-owned
computer system that I use available to meet with an ITS Technician to migrate files and permissions to my new network
I understand that my retired network username will be deleted once all changes have been made.
I understand that the email account associated with my retired network username will be deleted 30 days after all changes have
been made. (An ITS Technician will assist me with creating a back-up of the retired email account prior to making the changes on
my system described above.)
I understand that multiple systems will be affected and that changes may not be made simultaneously in all systems, which may
result in delays in accessing the files, functions and systems I customarily access.
I understand that not all the systems I access may be administrated by ITS and that I am responsible for contacting colleagues in
other offices to request my access be updated.
I understand that even after an ITS Technician has worked with me to update my computer system, I am responsible for
requesting that colleagues re-share resources and/or re-apply permissions (for example, to shared email calendars, shared
folders, and other shared resources).
I understand that I am responsible for requesting access to other State or Educational Resources I access due to my
employment at Lander University with my new network username.
Signature: ________________________________________________ Date:________________________________
Received in ITS by: ________________________________________ Date:_________________________________
Change to Network Username: _____________________________________________________________________
Change Scheduled: ______________________________________________________________________________
New email account/AD account created: ______________________________________________________________