LOCKER #______________
All NECC students are eligible for a locker located in D-Building on the Haverhill campus of NECC. In order to obtain a locker, students
must provide a valid NECC Student Identification Card and agree to the following terms:
Lockers are the property of NECC and NECC reserves the right to remove the lock and contents of the locker at the conclusion
of the locker assignment period or when a student leaves the College, for abuse of locker privileges, for failure to adhere to the
College’s policies and procedures and regulations, or at any time for cause as determined by the NECC.
Lockers have a provided locking mechanism, and a locker combination number will be provided by a member of the Athletic
Department staff.
All perishable food and beverages and all opened or repackaged nonperishable food and beverages must be removed from
lockers on a daily basis. Only nonperishable foods and beverages in unopened original manufacturer or distributor-sealed
packaging and containers may be kept in lockers overnight.
Locker assignments are valid during the academic year. At the conclusion of the locker assignment period (or when a student
leaves the College if earlier) all materials must be cleared from the lockers. The deadline for vacating lockers for the 2019-2020
academic year is May 11, 2020. All contents left in lockers after this date will be removed and disposed of by NECC.
Students are permitted to access lockers from 7:00am to 9:00pm.
Storage of any items that are of illegal nature, or would cause or be likely to cause a health hazard, security risk, physical danger
or a nuisance to the environment or other members of the NECC community is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not
limited to, drugs, alcohol and weapons.
Lockers are not transferable. All users agree to only occupy the locker assigned and requests for relocation will be subject to
availability. All students who wish to change the location of their lockers must apply with good reason in person to the office of
the Athletic Department.
Students are responsible for posted signage on or around the lockers for any updates or issues with locker assignments and/or
the student locker policy.
NECC is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items from lockers.
Failure to comply with the student locker policy may result in loss of locker privileges and/or disciplinary action in accordance
with the NECC Student Code of Conduct, and/or civil or criminal penalties.
I unde
rstand and agree to the above terms.
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