Any parts of the form that are not typed should be completed in black ink and in block capitals.
If you need more room than is provided for in a panel, and your software allows, you can expand any panel in the
form. Alternatively use continuation sheet CS and attach it to this form.
For information on how HM Land Registry processes your personal information, see our Personal Information
Title number(s) of the property:
Insert address including postcode (if
any) or other description of the
property, for example ‘land adjoining
2 Acacia Avenue’.
Enter the name(s) of the person(s)
making the application for registration
based on adverse possession.
The applicant:
Conveyancers should give their
client's name followed by their own
name and address for service.
Your name and address:
Place 'X' in the appropriate box(es).
See Practice Guide 4 for further
I consent to the registration of the applicant(s)
I require the registrar to deal with the application under
paragraph 5 of Schedule 6 to the Land Registration Act 2002
I object to the registration on the grounds stated in panel 6
Give details of the grounds of your objection:
If a conveyancer is acting for the
person named in panel 4, that
conveyancer must sign. If no
conveyancer is acting, the person(s)
mentioned in panel 4 must sign.
Signature of the person
named in panel 4 or
their conveyancer:
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