My voice!
An application (request) has been made to the Additional Support
Needs part of the Tribunal. The Tribunal will make a decision about
what happens at school. You can find out more about the Tribunal
ou are the most important person in the case.
he tribunal wants to know what you think. There are lots of different
ways you can tell the tribunal what you think. You can use this form to
write what you think. You can ask someone to help you to fill out the
My name:
Date the form is being filled out:
Date of
my tribunal hearing:
case reference number (if you know it):
If s
omeone helped you to fill out the form, they should give us their
name here and their relationship to you:
Name of person filling in the form:
Relationship to child:
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The hearing (a meeting to make a decision)
1. Do you know why a tribunal hearing is happening?
2. Would you like more information about the hearing?
Your education
3. Are you happy with what happens at school? Do you want anything
to change at school?
5. Do you like your school? If not, can you tell us a little bit about why
you don’t like it? If you like school, what are the best things about
your school?
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6. Do you have friends at school?
7. Do you get help at school? Is this enough, or do you think you
need more help? If you need more help what kind of help?
8. What helps most when you are at school?
9. Are you worried about anything to do with your school or what
happens there?
Do you want to tell the tribunal anything else?
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A bit more information
A tribunal
A tribunal is made up of 3 adults, who have special
knowledge and experience of children who need extra
help at school. One of the 3 adults is a lawyer and
she or he will chair the hearing.
The hearing
You can come along to your hearing. Some hearings last for more
than one day - you don’t have to stay in the hearing for all of that time.
You can come along at the start, the middle or at the end. You can tell
the tribunal members what you think. There are lots of different ways
you can do this. We will do our best to make sure you feel comfortable
when you come to the hearing.
You can bring an independent advocate with you, if you have one.
They can speak on your behalf and help you when you are at the
You as a party
When you are the one who has sent the application to the
Tribunal, you have a right to be at the hearing, to ask
questions and to speak at the hearing. You can bring your
representative along (who might be a lawyer) and you can
have another person there to support you at the hearing
too. This could be an adult you trust or someone else like
an independent advocate.
More information
If you want to know more before the hearing, you can check out our
, or you can phone the
case officer on 0141 302 5860.
You can also contact My rights, My say! on 0345 123
2303; or by email:
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