MR-001 Revision 04
Applicant and vehicle details:
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Application for Commission Notice /
Mutual Recognition - Passenger Cars
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Vehicle make and model:
VIN / Chassis number (Can be located on the vehicle,
and the European Certificate of Conformity)
Please tick, as appropriate, to show the documents you are submitting with this application. Please also confirm
the method of payment - if paying by credit or debit card you will also need to complete the VCA payment form
and submit this with your application. If paying by cheque this will need to be payable to “VCA” or “Vehicle
Certification Agency”.
Original European Certificate of Conformity
Original, vehicle specific, garage invoice(s) / statement
£100, payable to VCA, payment made by:
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Credit / debit card (Please complete the VCA payment form)
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Important Note: Prior to making an application to VCA, please read the Guidance Notes on page 3.
Vehicle country origin:
(Please see page 4 for more details)
VCA Headquarters
1 The Eastgate Office Centre
Eastgate Road
Bristol, BS5 6XX
United Kingdom
T +44 (0)117 952 4191
F +44 (0)300 003 2198
MR-001 Revision 04
Changed and evidence submitted
Changed and evidence submitted
Changed and evidence submitted
Signed (by the applicant):
Please now send your completed application to:
VCA, 1, The Eastgate Office Centre, Eastgate Road, Bristol. BS5 6XX
We advise sending the documents by recorded or special delivery.
Written Statement - to be completed by the applicant:
Please read the written statements below, once all items apply to your vehicle, tick the relevant boxes and sign and
date the statement at the bottom confirming that your vehicle now conforms to each of these points in full. Please
note we can not accept any options other than those outlined below.
1) That the headlamps are UK specification (headlight beam dips to the left).
Note: stickers, beam-benders / deflectors are not acceptable.
We can accept any one of the following options:
a) UK specification, left dipping, headlights that are used in replacement of the original factory fitted headlights
b) Original factory fitted UK specification headlights (dipping left as standard)
c) Original factory fitted headlights that have been, through a standard feature of the vehicle, adjusted so that the beam has been changed
from right dipping to left dipping
d) Original factory fitted flat-beam headlights (we can not accept a right dipping beam that is adjusted to flat-beam unless that is a standard
feature of the vehicle, e.g. done via operation of a lever)
Standard feature and evidence submitted
2) That a speedometer has been fitted which is capable of indicating speed in both miles per hour and kilometres per hour, either
simultaneously, or by operation of a switch.
Note: We can not accept secondary devices, hand written changes or multiple stickers applied to the speedometer. We can only accept the
changes detailed below.
The speedometer must be marked up to the maximum speed of the vehicle, with graduations at 1, 2, 5, or 10mph, and with values at intervals
not exceeding 20mph. For this change we can accept the following options.
a) That the factory fitted speedometer is dual marked as standard
b) The existing (digital) speedometer is, permanently, re-programmed, through a standard feature of the vehicle, to display the vehicle speed
in mph
c) A miles per hour speedometer is fitted in-place of the factory fitted unit
d) A professional, single, miles per hour, overlay is applied directly to the speedometer face plate, not the glass front plate (the overlay must
be durable and accurate, with markings visible in both day and night driving conditions).
e) A dual marked dial / facia has been added as a replacement to the factory fitted one
Standard feature and evidence submitted
3) That a rear fog light is fitted to conform to United Kingdom specifications. Either:
a) Dual rear-fog lights are fitted, one on the rear left and one on the rear right of the vehicle
b) A single fog light is fitted down the rear centre line of the vehicle
c) A fog light Is on the rear right hand of the vehicle (either as a standard feature or changed prior to UK registration)
Standard feature and evidence submitted
NOTE: It is expected that your vehicle will have, as part of the original build specification, side indicators and,
where there are rear-seats, rear seat-belts fitted. If these are not on the vehicle they would need to be added
before making an application to VCA.
I declare that I have read the VCA application form, in full, and that the details I have added to this
application form are true and accurate.
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MR-001 Revision 04
The Vehicle Certification Agency is an Executive Agency within the United Kingdom Department for
Transport. Details of the agency are available on our web-site:
Guidance Notes: The following notes are intended to help the reader identify if their vehicle is
subject to the provisions of the Commission Notice I Mutual Recognition scheme and should be
read, in full, prior to making an application to VCA.
Commission Notice I Mutual Recognition: This procedure is intended for vehicles built to a European
specification that are being imported into the United Kingdom from other European countries. In order to
process an application under this scheme we require specific documentation, and payment, as outlined in this
application form.
Age of vehicle:
If your vehicle is over 10 years of age, based on the date of first registration, it is exempt from this VCA
procedure. Please contact DVLA to discuss vehicle registration and do not apply to VCA. If your vehicle is less
than 10 years of age, based on the date of first registration, and has a European Certificate of Conformity, with
51 or 52 numbered items, that shows the vehicle was not built to the UK specification at the time of build then
Mutual Recognition would be required. If however you're importing a light goods (N1) vehicle an acceptable
alternative would be an original Foreign Registration document with a Commission Notice Letter provided by
the vehicle manufacture. If your vehicle is a Motorhome please provide the Certificate of Conformity for the
final stage of the vehicle.
Vehicle previously registered in the United Kingdom?
If this applies to your vehicle please contact the DVLA to discuss the requirements for re-registration.
First registered outside of Europe?
In this case, unless there is relevant documentation as mentioned above, you would need to contact
DVSA to discuss the Individual Vehicle Approval scheme and not apply to VCA.
Obtaining documents:
In order to obtain a duplicate Certificate of Conformity or Commission Notice Letter (N1 category only), please
contact the vehicle manufacturer.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept any of the following documents:
- Photographs of the vehicle features
- Vehicle handbook extracts
- Parts receipts
Please only send us the documents and payment as outlined in this application form, VCA are not liable for
any additional documentation that we did not request. We will immediately return any documentation we
did not request back to the address stated on the application form via 1st class post. If you are unable to
provide the required documentation as requested then please visit the following website:
Privacy Information
The personal information you have provided in this form has been provided to allow VCA to process your
application. Details of how this data will be handled, stored and used can be found in our Privacy Notice:
If you are not completing this form electronically and would like us to send you a hard copy of the Notice,
then please contact the Data Protection Manager, VCA, 1 The Eastgate Office Centre, Eastgate Road,
Bristol BS5 6XX and we will be pleased to send you a copy.
Guidance Notes
MR-001 Revision 04
Original European Certificate of Conformity (CoC):
This document is vehicle specific; issued by the vehicle manufacturer; there will be a colour logo and I or a watermark. For
passenger cars we can accept CoCs with 51 or 52 numbered items. As well as giving details of the vehicle it will also include a
European Type-Approval number and be signed by a specified individual.
Commission Notice letter (N1 vehicles only):
This is a document that the UK based manufacturer / homologation team may be able to issue; it compares the technical
specification of your individual vehicle with the nearest United Kingdom approved equivalent and confirms any technical
difference between the two.
Original, detailed, garage invoice I statement:
This must come from a garage that is, at least, one of the following: an MOT test station I a VAT registered garage I a garage
registered with Companies House. To help prevent an application being delayed we would suggest that all garage evidence is
written in English.
The statement must be on full garage headed paper, giving their full contact details including their MOT test station number I VAT
number and registered address I Companies House number and registered address. It needs to quote the 17 digit vehicle
chassis (VIN) number, be dated within 3 months from the date of receipt, and make clear the garage has worked on, or inspected
the vehicle.
The garage details will be checked so please make sure that the garage evidence clearly sets out the address they are
registered to. For example, in some cases a garage will have their business registered at another address for VAT, if this is the
case their registered address must also be clearly stated on their headed paper.
The invoice must clearly describe the changes made to the vehicle; we need to know what has been changed and how this
change meets UK compliance. A statement such as "changed headlights" is not sufficient evidence that, for example, the original
vehicle headlights have been removed and new, full UK specification left-dipping headlights have been fitted to the vehicle.
Where an item is fitted, as standard, suitable for the United Kingdom the garage evidence must make clear that the item is
standard and how it is standard (e.g. the vehicle has rear-fog lights fitted as standard on both the rear left and right of the
The fee is £100
Payment can only be made by credit I debit card or cheque (payable to VCA).
If payment is made by cheque then, for a successful application, the approval will be held back for 10 working days following
receipt of the full required documentation and payment.
If payment is made by credit or debit card then, if the application is successful, the approval should be completed in 5 to 10
working days from the day of receipt.
If additional documentation is required, the time to complete an application would be based on when we receive the final
paperwork. An incomplete application is held for 1 month from receipt to allow for completion. Please note that if an application
is made that we are not able to complete there will be a partial refund of £60, the refund will expire 3 months from
the date stated on the VCA refund letter returned with your documents. If VCA believe your application to be fraudulent you will not
be eligible for a refund and the Police maybe contacted.
Posting the documents:
If we are able to issue a certificate these will be sent to a United Kingdom postal address by Royal Mail first class delivery. If you
would like your documents returned by 'Special Delivery', please provide a pre-paid 'Special delivery' envelope when
sending your application. VCA will not be liable for any loss or damage that occurs during postage.
We do not offer an ·over the counter' or ·as you wait' service. There is no public counter.
Applications are processed as quickly as possible but can take the maximum time as detailed in the payment section above.
Please be aware that in busy periods applications may take longer to process than detailed above.
If we are able to issue a certificate, once you receive it, you then apply to DVLA for registration. If not yet done please contact
DVLA to establish exactly what they require. If we issue a certificate for your vehicle and you are not then able to register the
vehicle we can not refund any money paid to VCA.
The procedure outlined in this document, for successful applications, leads to a certificate that can be used as part of an
application to the DVLA for registration. It can not be issued to vehicles registered in the United Kingdom that are being
exported to another country.
For all enquiries, please contact: