I,___________________________ fully consent to the following terms as explained to
me by EOPS personnel:
~~~I agree that my eligibility for EOPS is determined each year by timely submission and
processing of my financial aid award
~~~I agree that I meet all requirements for EOPS as specified at the orientation and have
less than 70 degree applicable units of college work.
~~~I agree to attend an EOPS info-session each semester and complete all EOPS require-
ments within the given deadlines.
~~~I agree to schedule an appointment twice every semester with the EOPS Academic
Counselor to construct/ revise a computerized Student Educational Plan (Ed-Plan) , and to a
follow-up appointment to monitor progress of the counselor's recommendations.
~~~I will agree to follow the Ed-Plan, to the best of my ability, when I use Priority Registration to
enroll in classes;
~~~I agree to update each semester a 3-Year Long-term Educational Plan.
~~~ I agree to register and maintain 12 units of course work every traditional semester with the
exception of summer. If I add, drop, or officially withdraw from a class, it is my responsibility to
discuss this with an EOPS counselor.
~~~I accept responsibility to notify EOPS and Admissions and Records of any changes to my
*major, *phone number, *address, *academic status (probation, dismissal, etc).
~~~I agree to complete any additional requirements as determined by the EOPS counselor,
for example; completing and returning a Work-in-Progress Form, or attending an EOPS
~~~I agree that all grants and vouchers are dependent on current financial aid eligibility and
the existence of adequate unmet need which is equivalent to any grant or voucher.
I, hereby authorize the release of information to the EOPS Staff from the informational resources
of the college for the purpose of monitoring academic and program evaluation.
I fully understand that failure to fulfill my responsibilities listed in this contract, with
no exemptions, could result in my termination/ suspension from the EOPS program, or other
appropriate action, as determined by the EOPS Staff and ratified by the EOPS Director (withhold or deny
grants and services).
Provided the above requirements are met, EOPS will provide all applicable services offered
through EOPS, including but not limited to; book vouchers, grants, early registration.
EOPS services are given to continuing students. New students into the EOPS program may be eligible for *grants and book voucher for the following semester
once they become “served”. *grants are mailed out 10-12 weeks after student has attended all 3 contacts
EOPS STAFF DATE mc/12/27/04