Music Travel Scholarship Application
Student Information:
Student Name: ______________________________________________________ Grade: _______________________
Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _________________________________________City/Zip__________________________________
Parent Day phone: _________________________________ Parent Cell phone: _______________________________
Parent Email: ____________________________________ Preferred Contact Method: Day phone Cell Email
School: ______________________________________________ Music teacher: ______________________________
Preference for accepting scholarship if awarded:
Mail scholarship to home address
Pick scholarship up from Humboldt County Office of Education (901 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka Ca 95501)
Scholarship Criteria:
Please attach a copy of your invitation to attend and proof of registration.
Music Event: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Specific dates of event: __________________________________ ______
Where is the event (city/venue)? ___________________________________________________________________
Scholarship Requested (Please choose one):
(If applying for a travel scholarship event must be 100 miles from HCOE)
$100 Registration Scholarship
$200 Travel Scholarship
$300 Registration and Travel Scholarship
Note: If an unexpected problem arises and the student is unable to attend the scholarship must be returned.
Request for scholarship must be received no less than 15 days prior to the event to:
Olivia Kernen, Humboldt County Office of Education, 901 Myrtle Ave., Eureka, CA 95501
707-445-7007email: okernen@humboldt.org
Student Events Music Scholarship Information & Eligibility Criteria
Humboldt County Office of Education’s Student Events Program supports local students who earn the opportunity to
perform at regional and state music festivals. Students eligible to participate in the following professional Music
Educators Associations’ sponsored events will be considered for scholarships during the year:
ACDA Coastal Region Honor Choir
Nor Cal Honor Band and Choir
CASMEC/ACDA/CODA Honor Ensembles (Sr. High Band, Choir, Orchestra, and Jazz Band; Jr. High Band, Choir,
and Orchestra)
Consideration will also be made for festivals not associated with CMEA that promote excellence
HCOE will consider scholarships for traveling expenses and/or event registration. Completed applications must be
received no later than 15 days prior to the event. Applications cannot be accepted after the event occurs.
To be eligible for a Music Travel Scholarship the following criteria must be met:
Applicant is a student of a Humboldt County School District
Proof of qualification for event or invitation to event
Proof of registration
The event location is at least 100 or more miles away from HCOE if applying for a travel scholarship
If an unexpected problem arises and the student is unable to attend, the scholarship funds must be returned.
Scholarship Award Recipients:
Scholarship award applicants will be advised of the Selection Committee’s decisions. Student Events will contact
student’s music teacher to let them know they have received an award. Awards can be picked up from either the
Humboldt County Office of Education or mailed to student’s home address