Repair and Service Request Form
Please complete, print and return this form with your watch so we can expedite the repair process. With this form,
you can type directly into the sections that request information. Thank you for doing business with Movado
Group, Inc. (MGI).
1. Complete all of the requested information in Sections I, II, and III.
2. Pack your watch securely in padded wrapping materials (for protection against shock) in a sturdy box sealed with
tape. PLEASE DO NOT use or send us the ‘gift’ box your watch came in. Include your warranty card or a copy of
the original sales receipt if your watch is still within the warranty period. If your watch is out of warranty, you will
receive a Service Estimate indicating all repair costs. Your approval of the Service Estimate is required to complete
the watch repairs.
3. Ship your watch to MGI via the courier of your choice, but please choose a method that allows you to track
the package for security reasons. Remember to insure the watch for its full replacement value!
4. After we receive your watch, we will perform a thorough inspection in order to provide you with a
Service Estimate.
5. You will receive a Service Estimate at the address you have listed above that describes all of the work that
is required, the cost (if no longer under warranty), and the approximate time it will take to repair your watch.
6. Your approval of the Service Estimate is required to complete the watch repairs. You may also refuse the
Service Estimate and no service will be performed. We will return your watch to you in the condition in
which it was received.
7. Pre-Authorization - See Section III below
a. If you have preauthorized your repair order up to a specific amount and provided MGI with your credit card
information, and the repair is estimated by MGI to cost less than that amount, then your repair order will
automatically be proceeded and no estimate will be mailed to you.
b. If you have not preauthorized a specific amount for your repair order, or the estimated cost of the repair goes
above the preauthorized amount, a Service Estimate will be mailed to you. No work will be completed on your
watch until you have approved the repair and have provided MGI with your payment information. To do this, you
can either call MGI Customer Service, or fax or mail the Service Estimate back to MGI with the appropriate
information. Further details are provided at the bottom of the Service Estimate.
Important Information (for Germany, Canada and USA only)
For security reasons, our service and repair orders are returned via a carrier with an ADULT SIGNATURE
REQUIRED. Therefore, please provide a daytime address where someone will be available to SIGN for the
package. If the carrier is unable to obtain a signature the package will be returned to MGI.
Section I. Personal Information (Please print clearly) *Required information
Daytime Phone Number*: E-mail Address:
Mailing Address*:
Note: Mailing address is for the return of your watch and cannot be a PO Box.
Section II. Information About Your Watch
Model, Description, Serial Number and/or Model Number located on back of Watch:
How long have you owned the watch?
Less than 3 years 3 to 5 years 5 years or more Date of Purchase:
Problem, Issue or Service Requested (check all that apply and comment as needed):
Watch not Running Strap/Bracelet Links Crystal Dial/Face
Crown Clasp Hands Moisture/Condensation
Has your watch been repaired in the past 12 months? Yes No
Do you have a warranty card or sales receipt? (Please check all that apply.) Card Receipt None
Section III. Pre-Authorization
To expedite the evaluation and repair process, you can pre-authorize the repair* up to a specific dollar
amount. If you agree to pay for repairs up to the amount(s) below, please check the appropriate box and
provide a valid credit card number and signature (we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express
only in the U.S. and Canada). MGI will then prioritize your watch repair. NOTE: Pre-authorization can
reduce the turnaround time by approximately 7 days.
I authorize the amount below to proceed my repair order:
$50.00 or Less
$100.00 or Less
$200.00 or Less
$500.00 or Less
$1000.00 or Less
VISA, MC or AMEX #: CVV: EXP. Date:
Note: If the Service Estimate is over the amount you checked, or if you do not pre-authorize an amount
for repair service, we will NOT do any work until you contact us.
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