Annual Town of Mount Pleasant Christmas Light Parade
Sunday, December 8, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.
Entry Application
- No Entry Fee -
The Annual Town of Mount Pleasant Christmas Light Parade is held at night on Coleman
Boulevard offering a unique opportunity for beautifully lit, creative oats. All vehicular or towed
entries must use electric lights to accent their displays to qualify for acceptance into the
parade. All entries must be less than 15’ in height. Marching entries are encouraged to use
glowsticks, tinsel, re ective tape and/or other portable light sources. The use of lights will be
discussed at the pre-parade meeting, but you may e-mail events@tompsc.com for information
if you have advance questions. We hope that you will be excited about participating and be
inventive in designing your lighting effects! There is no entry fee; we ask that you put your
resources into creating the best entry possible! Non-rental oats are judged and cash prizes
are given in several categories.
If your business, organization, church or school would like to participate, submit the following
application and rules acceptance/liability waiver signature page to the address below.
Space is limited. Town of Mount Pleasant organizations & companies are given priority status
until Oct. 1; after that date entry spaces are open to all organizations including those outside
town limits. Coleman Boulevard construction may impact the number of accepted entries.
Applicants will be noti ed of acceptance on or before Nov. 1.
All entrants must send one representative to a mandatory parade meeting where
participants will be given event and safety information. Two meeting options: Thurs., Nov. 21
at either 1:00 or 5:30 p.m. at the Mount Pleasant Municipal Complex in Council Chambers/
Courtroom, 100 Ann Edwards Lane, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464. Mark your calendar now! If
you do not have a representative present, you will not be allowed to participate and your
space will be forfeited. No exceptions!
How to enter:
1. Complete the following entry application.
2. Sign acceptance of parade rules and liability waiver.
3. Return all 3 pages to:
Town of Mount Pleasant OR e-mail or fax to:
Special Events/Christmas Parade events@tompsc.com or 843-849-2778
391 Egypt Rd
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
An e-mail will be sent on or before Nov. 1 to con rm your acceptance into the parade and
requesting your three-line announcement for the stage.
Organization Name(s): _______________________________________________________________________
Contact Name: ____________________________ Primary Number: _______________Cell:________________
Address:__________________________________________ City:____________________ Zip:_____________
Name/Cell # for parade-day contact in lineup area: _________________________________________________
IMPORTANT: Application must be completed in full to be considered for a space. Any
business or organization represented in/on your entry/ oat must be included in Section
1 (failure to abide is cause for removal from lineup on parade day). Complete Sections
1, 2, 3, 9, 10 & 11. Sections 4 - 8 are optional depending on entry type.
All accepted parade entrants will be contacted via e-mail with lineup position by Dec. 6.
Please provide two (2) e-mail addresses that will be valid through the month of December.
E-MAIL 1___________________________________________________________________________
E-MAIL 2___________________________________________________________________________
2: ENTRY CATEGORY: (Check One)
___Business ___Community Organization ___Junior Community Organization ___School ___Cheer/Dance
___Media ___Church *Note: Rental oats and school bands are not judged.
3: MUSIC: (We encourage music in the parade.)
Let us know if you will have any of the following to assist with lineup placements:
___Live Solo Singing ___Choir Singing ___Band ___Solo Instrument ___Taped Music
4: GROUPS WITH WALKERS: (Also Includes Bands, Drill Teams, etc.)
Approximate Number of People in Group ____________________________
Description of Group: ________________________________________________________________________
*NOTE: There will be NO PERFORMING at the judging/stage area as this causes delays and gaps in the parade.
The judges do not include performance as part of the scoring for parade awards.
8: SPECIAL REQUESTS: (Requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.)
5: R
Number of Vans: (No more than 2 allowed) ___ Do you want your 2 vans together in the parade? ___Yes ___ No
Will you be playing music during the parade (seasonal music only)? ___ Yes ___ No
6: SPECIAL NEEDS: Please let us know if your entry requires special consideration due to entrants with
disabilities. _________________________________________________________________________
If Yes - Please e-mail events@tompsc.com and provide details.
Town of Mount Pleasant
2019 Christmas Light Parade Application (Page 1 of 3)
10: Vehicular or Towed Unit Information: (15’ height limit)
It is important that we know the type of vehicle(s) you are entering. Failure to provide accurate
information may result in your lineup space not being adequate to accommodate your entry (removal
from the lineup).
Please indicate the number of each type in your entry. If you are entering a truck and atbed or boat,
please put the number 1 in both boxes. A large walking group is considered an entry.
(MAXIMUM OF 2: 1 truck + 1 boat = 2; 1 18-wheeler cab + 1 atbed = 2; 1 truck + 1 trailer = 2)
Small Pickup Truck
Large Pickup Truck
___ Media Satellite Truck
___ Radio Truck
___ Fire Truck Modern
___ Fire Truck Antique
___ Garbage Truck
___ Bucket Truck
___ Ambulance
___ Emergency Vehicle
___ Golf Cart
___ Go-Cart
___ Antique Car
___ Moped / Bicycle
___ Skateboarders
___ Other (Describe)
Other: (Please Check)
Flatbed/Trailer -
Length: _______ft. (req’d)
9: ORGANIZATION NAME: __________________________________________________________
Motorcycle (Max. 8)
Small Truck Cab
with Short Trailer
Boat on Trailer
Boat Length _____ft. (req’d)
18-Wheeler Cab
Are you renting a oat?
Rental Float Company:
____ Southeastern Float
____ Floats by Allen
____ Other: ______________
#: _______ (req’d)
Town of Mount Pleasant
2019 Christmas Light Parade Application (Page 2 of 3)
The following guidelines help ensure the quality and safety of the parade and allow as many
organizations as possible the opportunity to participate. Read carefully and abide by the rules!
1. Each entrant is allowed a maximum of two units per rule on page 2.
2. All entries, including golf carts and cars, must be well lit & decorated (one string of lights is not
3. There will only be one Santa in the parade at the end on the re truck.
4. Entrants must display lineup number on the front and organization name on each side of entry.
5. All entries must enter the parade lineup area following instructions given at MANDATORY
pre-parade meeting.
6. There will be NO PERFORMING at the judges area, this causes delays and gaps in the parade.
7. Any generators used for lighting cannot be setup inside of an enclosed vehicle.
handed out by walkers. No hard candy or choking hazard items are to be handed out.
9. Riders on oats cannot get on and off of the oat during the parade at any time.
10. All entries with children must have adults riding/walking with them throughout the entire event.
11. Walkers alongside vehicles must walk at least 10 feet from the side of vehicle.
12. Use of re or open ames is not allowed.
13. Any rearms, real or replicas, must get approval in advance.
14. ALL wheels of motorized vehicles MUST keep in contact with the ground at all times. Anyone
doing wheelies will be pulled from the parade immediately.
15. Each motorized vehicle must carry liability insurance and be operated by a licensed driver.
16. No one will be allowed to ride on the hood or roof of any vehicle.
17. No political campaigning is allowed on entries in the parade.
18. The undersigned agrees that all participants may be photographed or videotaped and that these
images may be published in an outlet used to promote or publicize the event.
Entries must observe all applicable rules and regulations and follow all instructions
from Police and parade of cials. The Town of Mount Pleasant reserves the right to
remove any entrant from the parade, either prior to assembly, at assembly, or at
any time during the parade if the entrant fails to follow parade rules or does not
display standards of reasonable public taste as determined by Town staff.
There is only one Santa, and he rides on a re truck at the end of the parade! It is confusing to small
children to see more than one Santa and Mrs. Claus riding on oats; therefore no one may dress as
Santa on your oat or in your vehicle.
This page must be signed and returned with application.
11: LIABILITY WAIVER: In consideration of your accepting my entry, I hereby, for myself, my child and all participants of my
entry, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I, my child, or entry
participants may have against the Town of Mount Pleasant and its representatives, successors and assigns for any and all
injuries suffered by myself or my child or entry participants at any activity sponsored by these groups. I have read in its entirety
the general rules and the entry guidelines for participating in the Town of Mount Pleasant Christmas Light Parade and agree to
accept full responsibility for the compliance of this entry and all participants associated therewith, and for any liability inherent
with this entry’s particpation in the Town of Mount Pleasant Christmas Light Parade. I understand that if I fail to comply with all the
guidelines and rules for participation that my entry will be removed from the parade lineup.
Name of group or participant: ________________________________________________________________________
Authorized representative: Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ___________________
(Print): ________________________________________
Return to: TOMP Christmas Parade, 391 Egypt Road, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 OR Fax 843-849-2778
Town of Mount Pleasant Christmas Light Parade
2019 Parade Rules and Liability Waiver
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