INT. 03/10
New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department, Motor Vehicle Division
This is to serve as notification, as required by Section 66-3-101(A) NMSA 1978, that the
following vehicle has been sold, or otherwise transferred or assigned, and is no longer in my
Please update your records to indicate the status of this vehicle as sold.
VIN # _______________________________________________
Make _____________________________ Model ________________________
Model year __________ License plate # __________________________________
Date vehicle sold ______________________________________
Vehicle's odometer mileage at time of the transfer __________________________
Was license plate removed from vehicle? YES NO
Buyer/transferee of vehicle (print name)
Buyer/transferee’s address
Seller/transferor (print name)
Seller/transferor’s address
__________________________________________ ___________________________
Signature of seller/transferor Date signed
Warning: Any person who makes any false affidavit, or knowingly swears or affirms falsely to
any matter required by the Motor Vehicle Code is guilty of perjury, which is a fourth degree
felony (Sections 66-5-38 and 30-25-1 NMSA 1978).
Please mail this completed form to:
Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Vehicle Services
P.O. Box 1028
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1028