Monthly budget worksheet
The first step of building a budget is writing down all your income and expenses. Use this fillable worksheet to see how
much you spend each month. It’s important that you include all your expenses and income.
Income Monthly Total
Paychecks (salary after taxes & benets)
Other Income
Other income
Total Monthly Income
Expenses Monthly Total
Savings / Emergency fund
Retirement / Investments
Housing / living expenses
Mortgage or rent
Home or renter’s insurance
Utilities (electric, water, oil & gas)
Phone, cell & security system
Trash removal service
Food expenses
Groceries and household supplies
Dining out
School / work lunches
Transportation expenses
Car payment / public transportation
Parking & tolls
Car maintenance (oil change & repairs)
Car insurance
Other (license / taxes)
Personal / family / school expenses Monthly Total
Child care / babysitting
Child support / alimony
Money sent to family members
Clothing and shoes
Hair cuts / manicures
Laundry / dry cleaning
School loans / school tuition / fees
Charitable donations
Health expenses
Medication (OTC and prescription)
Health insurance
Doctor’s visits
Life insurance
Other loans / credit
Credit cards
Personal loans
Other debts
Entertainment expenses
Cable / internet
Movies / concerts
Sports fees
Alcohol / tobacco / lottery
Total Monthly Expenses
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If your income is greater than your expenses, you have money le to save or spend. If your expenses are more than your
income, look at your budget to find expenses you can reduce. Contact us if we can help!
Monthly Income Monthly Expenses Disposable Income
or (Decit)
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
$ 0.00