Financial Services & Payroll Office
Montana State University Billings
Employee Separation Checklist
his checklist is to be used as a guideline for separating from Montana State University Billings. It is
intended to provide resources, links and points of contact to complete this process. Supervisors should
meet with employee prior to separation to go over this checklist and collect University property. Additional
departmental steps may also be necessary before separation.
is form must be completed for all FACULTY, PROFESSIONAL OR CLASSIFIED employees upon
notice of termination of employment or Department transfer:
mployee Name:_________________________________ Department:_______________________
upervisor Name:________________________________ Last Day Worked:__________________
Upon immediate notification an employee is leaving the University, the Supervisor should
complete the following items:
1. Request a Letter of Resignation/Retirement (Submit to Human Resource
2. Timesheets Make sure all timesheets are up to date in My Info
3. Complete Termination Electronic Personnel Action form (EPAF)
in My Info using the effective date of separation.
4. Please send an e-mail to payroll@msubillings.edu (include last 4 of
Employee ID#, Separation Date, and note if the employee is
transferring to another department on campus)
5. Have employee update Employee Information in My Info to ensure that
their address, e-mail and phone number are up to date.
6. Remind employee to visit with the Payroll Office regarding any
final payroll questions. Employee will be issued their final
pay check on the next scheduled pay date.
I am terminating employment with MSUB
I am transferring to a different department within MSUB
Department transferring to:_________________________________________________
I am transferring to another College within the Montana University System
College transferring to:_______________________________________________
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Please contact the Financial Services & Payroll Office at 657-2131 with any questions.
Financial Services & Payroll Office
7. Submit a Banner Account Request to modify/terminate existing Banner
Account access.
8. Notify the Help Desk if you would like email account forwarded
for continued follow up and customer service.
The Department must ensure that all University property is returned by the employee to the
supervisor by the employee’s last day worked.
1. Keys - This includes building, office, file cabinet, desk and vehicle keys.
2. Deactivate ID Card Swipe Key access
3. Credit cards University purchasing cards
4. Cell phones and mobile devices
5. Computer/Laptop/Accessories
6. University records/manuals/supplies
7. Tools and other Equipment
The Supervisor or Department Head must forward this completed form and the final timesheet to
the Payroll Office in McMullen Hall Room 309 to certify that all above items are complete. This
must be done before a final pay check is released to the employee.
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