Spring 10 Revised 2/17/2010
Montana State University Billings
Immigration Registration Form
Name: ___________________________________________________ Visa: F-1 J-1
(Family Name) (First Name) (Middle Name)
Student ID: _____________________ Level: Associate Undergraduate Post-Bac Graduate
Major: ______________________________ Anticipated graduation date: ________________________
Term and Year
Citizenship: ______________________________ Date of birth: ________________________________
U.S. home address (this is your physical address
– not a P.O. Box or International Office address):
(Street or Rural Route) (City or Post Office) (State) (ZIP Code)
Phone Number: ______________________________ E-mail Address: ___________________________
If this is a new address, please check the box and you do not need to fill out a separate form.
Initial if you agree to the following statements.
_____ I understand that I must register for at least 12 undergraduate or 9 graduate credits or I
will fall out of status. IELP students will be registered by the IELP program manager.
_____ I understand that any student registered for less than full-time enrollment, and without an
authorized Reduced Course Load form, will be out of status.
_____ I understand that I must update the Office of International Studies within 10 days of
changing addresses or I will fall out of status.
_____ I understand that I may not take employment off-campus without first discussing my
options with the OIS.
_____ I understand that I must have insurance during the duration of my studies.
_____ I understand that I must maintain a 2.0 GPA minimum (undergraduate). Graduate
students should check with their departments for minimum standards.
I verify that all of the above information is correct as required by U.S. immigration regulations.
Signature: ____________________________________ Today’s Date: ___________________________
Please note that students with incomplete forms cannot be registered with immigration.
For office use only: SEVIS Banner Hold
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