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Notary Information
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day of year
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Form 5499 (Revised 08-2019)
Mail to: Motor Vehicle Bureau, Record Center Phone: (573) 526-3669
P.O. Box 2048 Fax: (573) 751-7060
Jefferson City, MO 65105-2048 E-mail:
for additional information.
Complete this form to request a copy of your title or registration record information.
Year Make Kind of Vehicle Plate Number Expiration Year
Title Number Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Hull Identification Number (HIN), or Outboard Motor Identification Number (OBIN)
I am requesting the following information
r Last title record issued to me for requested VIN/HIN/OBIN r All title records issued to me for requested VIN/HIN/OBIN
r Last registration record issued to me for requested VIN/HIN/OBIN r All registration records issued to me for requested VIN/HIN/OBIN
r Other (specify below)
Requested Record
Mailing & Fax
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If yes, how would you like it to be sent?
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Under penalties of perjury, I declare that the above information and any attached supplement is true, complete, and correct. I authorize the
Department of Revenue to send the requested record where I designated above.
Payment Options and Signature
Name (as it appears on card) Card Type Card Number Expiration Date
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Records can be obtained by walk-in, mail-in, or e-mail request. The fee is $2.82 per record. A convenience fee will be charged for credit or debit
card transactions. The Missouri Department of Revenue may electronically resubmit checks returned for insufficient or uncollected funds. You may visit
us at Central Office, Harry S Truman Building, Room 370, 301 West High Street, Jefferson City, Missouri.
If you are paying by credit or debit card you must provide the following:
Central Office Visit
Fax or E-Mail
$0.00 - $50.00 $1.25
$50.01 - $75.00 $1.75
$75.01 - $100.00 $2.15
$100.01 or more 2.15%
Total Record Fees Convenience Fee
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Request From Motor Vehicle Record Holder
Note: License Ofce notary service - $2.00
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