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Missouri Department of Revenue
Notice of Sale or Transfer
Mail to: Motor Vehicle Bureau Phone: (573) 526-3669
P.O. Box 3050 E-mail:
Jefferson City, MO 65105-3050
for additional information.
Form 5049 (Revised 12-2018)
Seller(s) Purchaser(s)
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If you sell or transfer ownership of a motor vehicle, trailer, or all-terrain vehicle, you must:
• Submit this notice within 30 days of the date of the sale;
• Complete required sections of this notice;
• Sign the notice and obtain the purchaser’s signature;
• Mail the notice to the address provided at the bottom of this form; and
• Keep a copy of this form for your records.
Failure to complete the required blocks will result in the information not being processed.
Motor vehicle dealers who are required to complete this form must submit it with their Dealer’s Monthly Sales Report (Form 385) if they are not
reporting sales online.
The sale of marinecraft, manufactured homes, or vehicles that have been issued a salvage title or junking certificate or transfers made to
licensed vehicle dealers, out-of-state purchasers, insurance companies due to theft or casualty loss, beneficiaries named in a trust, or transfer
on death beneficiaries are not required to be reported.
The seller remains the last titled owner on record until the purchaser titles the vehicle in his or her name.
This form may be used in place of a bill of sale, when applying for title on a newly purchased vehicle to obtain a 180-day sales tax credit.
The date of sale on this form and date of purchase or the date of the contract to purchase the new vehicle must be within 180 days.
The purchaser must apply for a new title within 30 days of purchase.
Any seller who fails to submit this notice is guilty of an infraction. If the failure to submit this notice was done to assist the purchaser in avoiding
applying for title, paying applicable registration fees, or other fraudulent purposes, the seller shall be guilty of a class C misdemeanor. Make prompt
notification to help protect yourself from possible liability.
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I certify under penalties of perjury that the facts regarding this sale are true to the best of my knowledge. Knowingly submitting false information
about the sale of a vehicle is a Class C Misdemeanor.
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