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Minor in History
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A History Minor requires completion of 2 units of work in history distributed as follows:
1. 5/3 unit of history (HI) courses, which must include a minimum of one 3000-level course and a maximum of one 1000-level course.
2. 1/3 unit History Capstone Experience. This can be either a 1/3 unit Independent Study/Project in history or a 3000-level HI
course identified by the student and instructor as the 3000-level capstone course for the student’s program. The capstone course
must be taken last.
Notes: No more than one unit of work for the Humanities and Arts Requirement may be applied toward the history minor. Any
student at WPI is eligible to pursue the minor in history except for students majoring in Humanities and Arts with a concentration in
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*HU 3900 and HU 3910 may not be used for the capstone.
The signature below indicates the student has successfully completed the requirements for the
history minor.
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rev. 9/2019