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INfORMAtION checklIst
The following informaon is required for all works applicaons:
Two sets of all plans /drawings are required to be provided.
Failure to submit the above informaon will result in your applicaon not clearing the completeness check stage.
Failure may result in the applicant being provided with the Noce to resubmit the applicaon not in accordance with
the Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Act 1988. This noce incurs a cost of $300.00 in
accordance with the Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Regulaons.
Examples of minor applicaons include tree removals, installaon of low impact structures (lighng, ag poles, bollards
etc) and signage.
In addion to the mandatory documentaon, minor works approval applicaons will need to provide the following:
•TransportCanberraandCityServicesDirectorate(TCCS)-Works on Unleased Territory Land such as road
reserves, public parks and nature reserves may be required to review applicaons. TCCS will also provide
Temporary trac management authorisaon, advice on urban tree management, driveway works and verge
•EnvironmentandPlanningDirectorate(EPD)–EPD may be required to provide leasing advice, advice on ACT
heritage listed sites, Environmental protecon requirements, and advice on the conservaon of ora and fauna
in the ACT.
Please contact Access Canberra on 13 22 28 to contact the relevant areas of these ACT Government directorates.
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