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Milwaukee County Parks
Boerner Botanical Gardens
Revised Nov. 6, 2019
The Boerner Botanical Gardens and Arboretum are located on rolling hills created by glaciers as they passed
through Milwaukee County’s 640-acre Whitnall Park. Natural landforms were enhanced by the plans of
County Landscape Architect Alfred L. Boerner. Today, native wetlands, ponds, and woodlands surround the
Botanical Gardens.
Since the founding of the Botanical Gardens, public art has played an integral role. Local artists of the
Depression-era WPA created original works. In more recent years, permanent outdoor installations have
included Passages by Susan Falkman,Woodland Nymph” butterfly bench by Marina Lee, Abstractby
Michael E. Kimiotek, and Sundialby Richard Edelman.
We invite local Wisconsin artists inspired by nature to file an application to display their work in temporary
exhibits. Smaller pieces may be shown in the three (3) Garden House Exhibit Room locked display cases
(each measuring 92″ w x 57.5″ h x 8.25″ d). Larger sculptural works may be placed at outdoor sites.
Admission to the Garden House Exhibit is included in regular Botanical Gardens admission. Admission is
charged during the garden season, April through October.
If an Application and Artwork are approved, and a Permit is issued by the Parks Director or designee,
Milwaukee County will allow the Artist to provide, install in suitable locations pre-approved by the Botanical
Gardens Director, and maintain the Artworks within the Boerner Botanical Gardens. Any Permit issued shall
be non-exclusive. The County maintains the right to contract with other artists at any time for similar displays.
The Parks Marketing Section will provide a listing of the approved exhibit on the County website calendar and,
if deemed appropriate, will share a social media post created by the permitted Artist or the Artist’s designee.
In addition, the Artist will be allowed to arrange for off-site sales.
For an Application and Artwork to be considered for a Permit, the Artist understands and agrees:
o provide, transport, install, and maintain the Artwork throughout the term of the Permit at no cost to the
To receive approval from County for the Artwork to be displayed as well as the location for each piece;
To provide for the removal of all Artwork by the designated date and time agreed upon by the Artist
he Botanical Gardens;
To include the Milwaukee County Parks logo in all materials regarding the Exhibit;
To indemnify and hold harmless the County for any and all liability, including claims, demands, losses,
costs, or damages to persons or property, including the Artwork, arising out of, or in connection with, or
occurring in connection with this Exhibit.
NOTE FOR ALL OUTDOOR EXHIBITS: For an outdoor Exhibit, the Artist must provide general liability
insurance with Milwaukee County named as an additional insured.
Boerner Botanical Gardens, 9400 Boerner Drive, Hales Corners, WI 53130 Tel: 414-525-5601 Fax: 414-525-5610
Please complete and return with signature.
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Medium/Media Used: _____________________________________________________________
Unifying Theme for Proposed Show: ____________________________________________________
To be considered, you must send:
An Artist’s Statement
Five (5) digital images of artwork similar to what would be exhibited
This signed application
y signing below, I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of exhibiting at
Boerner Botanical Gardens:
Signature ___________________________________________________ Date ______________
Please send requested items to
ext Steps
A representative of Boerner Botanical Gardens will contact you within two (2) weeks with a decisio
regarding acceptance.
If you haven’t been accepted for the current year’s exhibit schedule, your application will be kept
ile for one (1) year
Best of Luck!
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