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Milwaukee County Parks
Mitchell Park Domes
A Photography Permit must be completed, approved by Domes management, processed and payment received to reserve
time at the Domes to take photographs. All photography sessions are subject to review and are at the discretion of the
Domes management. A Photography Permit applies to each of the following:
Wedding pictures & Cultural Celebrations;
Birthday pictures & Family photos;
Formal School Pictures, Modeling Portfolios, Graduation & Prom pictures;
Any other posed photography session that uses the Domes as a backdrop for pictures and/or that require special
Photos taken to be used in the stream of commerce require a Commercial Photography Permit.
All public areas of the Domes are available for photography sessions. The Domes is a living museum so we ask that caution
should be used around all plantings. Do not step into any of the flowerbeds, on any of the rock ledges or into any wooded
Because the Domes are open to the public, reservations cannot be made for a specific location. Also, the exercise of a permit
granted cannot in any way interfere with normal public use of the Domes or with normal park maintenance and operations.
Failure to comply with Permit rules may result in permit revocation. The Domes are unable to provide accommodations for a
private dressing or changing area.
Every reasonable effort will be made to provide for photographic opportunities; however, the issuance of a photography
permit does not imply any obligation for the Domes to set aside an area, close off an area, or in any way restrict the general
publics’ use of the facility.
(subject to change):
1. The Domes are open 365 days a year. Only two (2) permits are granted for each hour, and permit times start on the
hour, not the half-hour.
General Hours: 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m.4:00 p.m. Saturday, Sunday & Major Holidays
2. The Permit fee is $58.00 per hour, plus sales tax. Regular admission rates apply (see below). Because the facility
was not constructed to accommodate large groups, the size of the group is limited to 50 people in order to keep the
pathways clear for the attending public. If permit holder goes over the reserved time period, he/she will be charged
for the additional time at a rate of $58.00 plus sales tax per hour.
Regular admission rates for accessing the Domes apply at all times, including times for professional site visits.
Children 5 yrs. & under Free
Adults & Seniors $8.00
Children (6 17 yrs.) $6.00
Adults with Disabilities $6.00
Students with ID $6.00
Group Rate (20+) $7.50 (adults) & $5.50 (children)
2020 Milwaukee County Parks Photography Permit Application
In the event of a cancellation, a written notification of cancellation must be received no later than two (2) weeks prior to the
scheduled date. After that, there are NO refunds. Additionally, to receive any refund the original permit must accompany
the written notification. All cancellations will be charged a $15.00 administrative fee.
Please check in at the Fee Booth Desk upon arrival.
Please advise your driver and guests to park in the parking lot, not the circle drive in front of the facility. The circle is
a fire lane and must remain clear. Engines must be turned off while parking in the lot.
Carry-in alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the Domes per chapter 47.17 of the Milwaukee County Ordinance.
The Domes are not air-conditioned in the growing areas and can get very warm in the summer.
Extra furnishings, e.g. folding chairs, arbors, floral displays, tents or other props, are not allowed.
Please be advised, permit holder is responsible for clean-up. Any and all costs incurred by the Domes for clean-up
beyond normal operating procedures will be billed to the permit holder.
Under no conditions and at no time may a photograph taken at the Domes, or at any other Milwaukee County Park,
be used to imply endorsement of a product, person or service by Milwaukee County or by any of its employees.
Milwaukee County Parks will not be liable if they are unable to provide services or fulfill requests or obligations
because of situations that arise due to conservatory maintenance, safety issues, acts of god or other causes beyond
their reasonable control.
The permit holder agrees that it will at all times during the existence of this permit indemnify and hold harmless
Milwaukee County against any and all liability, costs or expenses (including attorney’s fees) which Milwaukee County
may sustain by reason of the acts or omissions of the permit holder, its guests or invitees.
Payments may be made in cash, check (payable: Milwaukee County Treasurer) or credit cards; Visa, Master Card or
Please complete and return with payment.
Date Requested __________________________ Location_______________________
(includes your set up and clean up time) from ____________ to _______________
Group Name __________________________________________________________________________________________
Responsible Person _____________________________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip _________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone ________________________________________ e-mail _______________________________________________
Type of Photography ____________________________ Estimated Attendance __________________________________
I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to follow the terms and conditions, rules, regulations and considerations
contained herein. In addition, I acknowledge and understand that I am responsible for any damage that may result from my actions or
those of my guests or invitees.
Signature ____________________________________________________Date _________________________
“For Office Use Only”
Date ____________
Processed by ____________
Amount ____________
Cash Check Charge