JW 07/2018
Military and VA Benefits Verification and Instructions
This form must be completed and returned to the Spring Arbor University Veteran Resource Office before any financial aid is applied
to your account.
Print Name: SAU ID# or SS#:
Academic Year in which you are requesting benefits (e.g., 2017/18):
Veterans Assistance: See instructions or call 517.333.0480, x4031
Place a Check Next to the Type of Veterans Educational Benefits Anticipated:
Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 30
Vocational Rehabilitation Chapter 31
Post-Vietnam Era Veterans’ Educ. Assistance (VEAP) Chapter 32
Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill)
Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program Chapter 35
Montgomery GI Bill Chapter 1606 (Selected Reserve)
Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP) Chapter 1607
Military Federal and State Tuition Assistance: (See instructions on back.)
Will not receive any of the above benefits.
Spring Arbor University Tuition Discounts: *See additional instructions on back; MINGSTAP Application required
(SAU Military Discounts are not stackable with other types of institutional aid. See www.arbor.edu/military for further details.)
*Are you now in the Michigan National Guard?
No If yes, which branch? ________Currently Deployed __ (30% discount)
Have any military benefits expired or been exhausted?
No If yes, please attach a copy of DD214. (15% discount)
Student must have expired or exhausted VA education benefit to qualify for 15% SAU tuition discount. A valid DD214 is required for verification. If
you become eligible for VA education benefits, you must update your SAU benefit form.
Signature of Student:
Day-time Phone Number: E-mail:
Please email or fax the completed form to
Lawrence Peter, Veteran’s Admissions Representative
phone: 517.783.1290
fax: 517.783.6656
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JW 07/2018
Instructions for Veterans Assistance:
If you are interested in applying for Military Education Benefits, please do the following:
Contact Spring Arbor University at to inform us of your intent. (See contact information on page 1.)
View the Spring Arbor University, Veteran Services Website for additional scholarship info: www.arbor.edu/military
IMPORTANT. You must register with the VA to determine eligibility of benefits.
Go to the website http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/apply.asp for information on the VA process
If you wish to apply online immediately, click on https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/vonapp to access VONAPP
(Veterans Online Application). This is where you will request your Certificate Of Eligibility (COE).
If it is your first time using VONAPP select “I am a first time VONAPP user”.
If you want to download the forms and apply via mail then click this link
Be advised that this will slow down your application process. Download the form and fill it out and mail it to the VA St.
Louis Office. The address is:
Veteran Affairs Regional Office
P.O. Box 66830
St. Louis, MO 63166-6830
IMPORTANT. When you receive your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) letter from the VA, please forward a copy of
the letter, as soon as possible, to the Veterans Admissions Representative. THIS MUST BE DONE ONCE A
State Education Reimbursement Program and Federal Tuition Assistance Program:
All active duty or National Guard members are encouraged to speak with their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or
counselor within their Military Service prior to enrolling in any schooling.
Michigan National Guard: The MINGSTAP process is now online at http://www.michigan.gov/dmva. Please contact the
State Education Office, Kathy Enderle, at 517.481.7646 for instructions. Applications must be submitted to the guard unit
representative prior to the end of a student’s enrollment in the eligible academic year.
*Completed MINGSTAP application required for SAU’s Michigan National Guard Discount.
Contact the Financial Aid Office, 800.968.9103 x2900, if you have additional questions regarding SAU Tuition