Military Education Benefits Questionnaire
Information received by RMC indicates that you will receive education benefits from the military. In
order for us to be able to provide you with a financial aid package that is in accordance with federal
regulations and RMC policy, please provide the following:
1. Enrollment status in the ______________ academic year
a. ______Full time (12+ credit hours per semester)
b. ______Part time (______ credits fall semester, ______credits spring semester)
2. I will receive the following military benefits for the academic year:
______VA Vocational Rehabilitation. Items paid by VA benefits are:
______ Tuition and mandatory fees
______ Course fees
______ Books
______ Stipend $__________ per month
______ OtherDescribe_______________________________________
______Post 9/11 GI Bill at _________% for ________Months and _______Days
New students, please submit your Certificate of Eligibility with this form.
Returning students, please submit the latest Certificate of Eligibility with remaining
amount of benefits.
______Chapter 30, $_________ per month
______Chapter 35, $_________ per month
______ Chapter 1606, $_________ per month
______ Chapter 1607, $_________ per month
______ Army Continuing Ed BenefitsTuition Assistance
$__________Fall semester/$__________Spring semester
Signature: ____________________________________________ Date____________________
Printed Name: _______________________________________
Return this form to the Financial Aid Office, Rocky Mountain College, 1511 Poly Drive, Billings, MT
59102, fax: 406.238.7351, email: finaid@rocky.edu, phone 406.657.1031
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