Milestone Evaluation
B. Prospectus Defense C. Final Defense
Student Name:
Evaluator Name:
Milestone (check one):
A. Comprehensive Exam
Date: ______________________
Instructions: Please rate the student’s performance in the above noted milestone on the
following skills. Ratings should take into consideration both the written and oral components for
each milestone.
All members of the student’s Advisory Committee should rate the student independently.
Ratings will be discussed by the Advisory Committee after the ratings are completed and revised
based on the discussion if necessary. The ratings endorsed by the majority of committee
members for each skill will be the rating that the student receives for that skill.
Ratings are based on the following scale: 1 = Excellent, 2 = Satisfactory, 3 = Unsatisfactory
Demonstrated an understanding of
scientific literature.
Critiqued and analyzed claims of
others in a scientific context.
Demonstrated an understanding of
scientific terminology.
Used concepts in biology to
describe, explain, and evaluate
phenomena and to generate new
Formulated and tested alternative
explanations and models on the basis
of evidence.
Asked scientific questions and
constructed reasonable hypotheses.
Practiced and understood the
scientific method.
Used appropriate applications of
statistics and/or other analytical
Communicated effectively orally.
Communicated effectively in written
Comprehensive Exam
Satisfactory: All ratings = 1 or 2
Conditional Satisfactory: One or two ratings = 3
Unsatisfactory: Three or more ratings = 3
Prospectus Defense
Satisfactory: All ratings = 1 or 2
Conditional Satisfactory: One rating = 3
Unsatisfactory: Two or more ratings = 3
Final Defense
Satisfactory: All ratings = 1 or 2
Unsatisfactory: One or more ratings = 3
Advisory Committee Feedback and Recommendation:
Student passed or failed? (Check one):
conditional satisfactory
(check one overall result)
committee use only below