Academic Achievement Center
The mid-term grade evaluation is part of an
agreement between Academic Advising and the
student as a tool to measure the progress of the
student and develop strategies for success.
Term: ______________________________
Due Date:
Summer - Jun 19 or Fall - Oct 16
To be completed by Professor: Please return this form to your student or email to
Student’s Number: _______________________ Student’s Name: _____________________________________________________
Semester: __________ Course Name: _____________________________________________ CRN: ___________________________
Current Grade or Test Score to date: ___________________________________________
Work is up to date
Attends Regularly
Average and above scores in tests
Missing Work
Additional comments and/or recommendations:
Professors Name: ____________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________
Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________________
Student’s Comments: Please submit to your advisor or have your professor email this form to:
After you have submitted this form, please make an appointment to meet with your advisor.
¨ This grade reflects my course goal.
¨ This grades DOES NOT reflect my course goal
¨ Other Comments:
Student’s Signature: _______________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
Rev. 3/2015
Often Absent
Low Scores in Tests
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