Mid-Minnesota Perkins Partnership Funds
Funds/Equipment Pre-approval Request FY 21 - Due Feb 12, 2021
Date: ______________ District Name/Number _________________________________________________
Is this class for 9-12 graders
Name of course using Perkins funded item: _________________________________________________
Name of teacher using equipment/teaching course/attending workshop __________________________
Folder #_________________
It is a Perkins requirement to be part of an advisory board specific to your program area in
order to access Perkins funds. Are you a member of an advisory board? ________________
Local group, Ridgewater College boards or other? __________________________________
How will the funds be used? Be specific and detailed in describing equipment/activity/event: meeting an
industry skill standard, enhancing learning, continuous improvement, focus on targeted areas, staff
development opportunity (CAUTION – If requesting supplies or professional development, more specifics
are required this year. Reimbursement for supplies such as consumables are not allowed under Perkins.)
Is this purchase integrated in a Program of Study? ______________________________________________
Which Program of Study:
** If previously funded throughIs this a new initiative or new component of a course? _____________
general school district funds not eligible for Perkins funds (supplanting)
How many students will participate or be impacted by this use of Perkins funds? ________
Is the course articulated with a post-secondary institution? If not, what other components are needed to
articulate? (update equipment, revise curriculum, update software, staff development, etc)
Name of event _______________________________________________ Date__________________________
Registration Fee _____________________________ Travel ____________________________________
Meals _____________________________________ Sub pay __________________________________
Other _____________________________________
Amount requested from grant _____________
Submit your
request for review and state approval to: Jodi.jordon@ridgewater.edu
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