Cashier’s Office
Michigan Educational Trust (MET)
Contract Payment Agreement Voucher
This form must be completed and submitted to the Cashier’s Office to use your
Michigan Educational Trust (MET) funds for the term selected below.
MET Information
a. Contact your MET Representative at 800-638-4543 to begin activation of your MET
contract funding at HFC.
b. It is the student’s responsibility to submit this voucher to the Cashier’s Office every term.
This voucher will serve as notification that MET will be used to cover the term’s tuition cost.
If this form is not submitted to the Cashier’s Office, the student has a risk of losing their
course(s) for the term due to unknown source of payment method.
c. MET does not cover course and lab fees or college store purchases.
d. If student adds an additional course(s) after MET has already been billed for the term, it is
the student’s responsibility to notify Cashier’s Office of additional course added.
e. MET is not billed for the student’s tuition typically until 2 or 3 weeks after the term has
f. If your MET contract is depleted it is your responsibility as the student to pay for the
remaining unpaid balance that MET did not cover.
Student Information
Year: ____________ Term: Winter Fall Spring Summer
HANK ID Number: ____________________
First Name: ____________________ Last Name: ____________________
Street Address: ____________________________________ City: ____________________
State: ____ Zip Code: ____________ Phone Number: