Metropolitan State University of Denver
Student Employment - Warning Letter
REV 07/01/12
Student Name
900 #
This is your: First Warning Second Warning Final Warning
This letter is to notify you that your job performance needs improvement. Consider this an initial warning.
The area/s that needs improvement are indicated below.
No call, no show
Excessive absences
Excessive time spent making deliveries
Doing homework on the job when there is departmental work to be done
Web surfing when there is work to be done
Refusal to do the work assigned
Disseminating incorrect information on a continual basis
Customer service skills
Unable to meet the expectations on your Student Position Description form
Please see me to schedule an appointment to discuss the concern/s indicated above. We can work together to
come up with a new schedule or plan that works for both of us. If your job performance continues in this
unsatisfactory manner, it may lead to your termination. In the future, if you have concerns about your
schedule or the time that is taken away from your studies, please speak with me to ensure that a solution can
be made before an additional warning is issued.
Supervisor Name
Student Signature
(File in the Student’s Personnel File and fax a copy to the Office of Human Resources 303-556-5151)
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