Attachment 3
TO: (Name of Employee)
SUBJECT: Merit Increase Rating Source Notification
As you are aware, annual pay increases for employees in non-union eligible, non-uniform
positions and non-union eligible uniform positions, if pay increases are approved in the
budget, will be based on merit. Higher performing employees may receive a higher
percent increase based on their evaluated performance on the job. The merit increase
rating may be based on the Performance Feedback Form Summary rating or the
Workplan Goals and Objectives rating, or a combination of both. Workplan Goals and
Objectives (for applicable positions) will be evaluated based on the rating scale included
in the merit pay policy.
Your merit increase rating for the ______________ to _____________appraisal period
will be based on the following:
Performance Feedback Summary Rating
Workplan Goals and Objectives Ratings
Thank you for your valuable service to the citizens of Little Rock.