Meridian Community College Residence Hall Application
By signing this agreement, the below named person hereby contracts for a space in Meridian Community College’s Residence
Halls and agrees to pay rent, at the rates established by the College, by the dates specified for each semester for which the
person is enrolled during the agreement period. The applicant also understands that this contractual agreement may
not be terminated without approval of the Director of Residence Life. If there is a termination without approval, obligation to pay
rent for the semesters in which enrolled during the agreement period will be continued. Upon acceptance of this agreement, the
college agrees to provide housing accommodations for the specified period, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.
The contract period is for one academic year. All rates are based on double occupancy.
Spring 2020
Summer I
CONTRACT PERIOD (check only one):
Fall 2019 AND Spring 2020
Fall 2020 AND Spring 2021
Spring 2021
ummer II
II. PERSONAL INFORMATION (please print clearly)
If you would like to request a specific person as your roommate, please print your roommate's
Information here. Your requested roommate must
also request you on his/her application for the
request to be considered. If your preferred roommate already lives on-campus, he/she must notify
the Housing Office of his/her request. If you do not request a roommate, you will be matched
with another student, without regard to race, color, national origin, or religion.
Single rooms (no roommate) are not available.
PREFERRED RESIDENCE HALL (see requirements on back)
Thor nton Hall
College Crossing Apartments
All housing plans at Meridian Community College
include a 14 meals-per-week meal plan with cost.
Please answer each question, even if you are
a specific roommate.
1. How old will you be when you move on campus?
A. 17 or under C. 20-21
B. 18-19
D. 22 or over
2. What time do you plan to go to bed on
A. After I a.m.  B. By midnight
C. Before I p.m.
3. When you study, do you listen to music or TV?
A. yes  B. sometimes  C. no
4. How many hours a day do you plan to study?
A. less than I hour
B. 1-2 hours
C. 2-4 hours
D. more than 4 hours
5. How would your friends describe you?
A. outgoing and talkative
B. sociable
C. quiet and shy
6. Describe your current bedroom.
A. organized and clean
B. casual
C. messy
7. Do you smoke?
A. yes, I smoke
B. I do not smoke, but I use smokeless
C. no,
I do not smoke or use tobacco
This is for
matching purposes only. The use of tobacco products
is prohibited in all residence halls and campus apartments.
8. How do you feel about sharing your things?
A. My roommate can use my things
B. I will share most things If my roommate
asks first
C. l do not want my roommate to borrow my
9. What is your favorite type of music? (select one)
A. Heavy Metal
B. Rock/Alternative
C. Top 40/Pop
D. Urban/Hip-Hop
E. Country
F. Contemporary
G. Jazz/Classical
10. What is your opinion regarding the drinking of
a alcohol?
A. I approve of its
B. I approve, if used In moderation
C. I
do not approve of its use
D. I am offended by people who drink alcohol
This is for matching
purposes only. The use and possession
of alcohol is prohibited on MCC’s campus.
Continue on back
1. Have you been recruited by a varsity sport or special program at MCC? no
2. Name of Sport or program _________________________________________________________
3. Have you been awarded an Athletic or Participation Scholarship?
no yes
4. MCC Coach's or Advisor's Name ________
If you have a physical or psychological condition that may require special housing accommodations, please check the box below so that we can contact
you for more information.
I have a disability need. Please contact me.
Have you eve
r been convicted of a felony? no
yes If yes: _________State _________ County ________Date
Please read the terms and conditions of this agreement which are printed on the next page before yo
u sign It. By signing this application, you acknowledge
that you have read and understand this document, and that you accept the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. By signing this document, you
also verify that the information furnished on this agreement is accurate and up to date.
Student's Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: ______________ Age: __________
This space below must be signed b
y a parent or guardian if the student is under 18.
Parent/Guardian's Signature: ___
______________________________________________________ Date: _____________
Once you have completed the housing application, check the information and make sure the application is filled out completely. We encourage you to ke
ep a
of your application and your deposit check for your records.
Retum this housing application with a check or money order for $100 (USD) to the address below. Checks and money orders should be made payable to
“Meridian Community College.” DO NOT SEND CASH. The $100 is a application and processing fee. All applications received without the $100 fee will be
Meridian Community College Housing
Business Office
910 Highway Nor19 th
Meridian, MS 39307
Wait to receive a post card from the Housing Office. This is your confirmation that we have received your application. If you don’t
receive a post cared or letter form the Housing Office within two weeks, please call us at 601- 484-8894 to make sure we received your
Meridian Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion or age in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in
its programs and activities. Compliance with Section 504 is coordinated by Ms. Soraya Welden, Dean of Student Services, 910 Highway 19 North, Meridian, MS 39307.
601-484-8628, Fax: 601-484-8635, email: Compliance with Title IX is coordinated by Mr. Derek Mosley, Social Science Instructor, Smith Hall, 910
Highway 19 North, Meridian, MS 39307. 601-553-3453, Fax: 601-484-8635, email:
The purpose of this document is to establish the agreement between the student and the College with regard to living in Campus Housing. The terms, conditions and
responsibilities are stated below:
I. Terms Governing This Agreement
I. Under this agreement the student is entitled to the use of his/her assigned space and the facilities of his/her residence hall/apartment.
2. All resident students are required to pay a housing fee of $1OO. This amount must be brought back up to $100 if it ever falls below $50.
3. This agreement, with appropriate signature(s) and payment, IS effective from the date of the school's acceptance of this agreement until the end of the contract
period noted on the application. The school’s acceptance of this agreement is indicated
by notice of building assignment shall be a part of the agreement that in order for a
student to be eligible for or continue to reside in campus housing, the student must be enrolled at the college on a full-time basis (twelve credit hours per semester if an
undergraduate; eight credit hours if a graduate student). It shall also be part of this agreement that upon a student's failure to enroll for classes on a full-time basis, or upon a
final decision by the College to expel or suspend a student for academic, student conduct, or disciplinary reason, or for any other breach of the terms of this agreement, this
agreement shall automatically terminate within two days.
4. If the student is suspended from the institution for academic reason, he/she will receive a refund of housing payments provided that he/she cancels his/her agreement
through the Housing Office. In these instances, prorated charges will be assessed, if the student is in residence, until the final clearance is made through the Housing Office.
The deposit will only be refunded if a cancellation is made by the stated deadline (see #5).
5. If the student cancels his/her Housing Agreement, he/she will receive a full refund of housing fees, less a $25.00 service charge, PROVIDED he/she has not checked in for
the first semester of the contract period AND he/she submits notice of cancellation in writing to the Housing Office by the following deadlines: Fail/Spring - June 15,
Spring - December I, Summer - May I. If a fall resident does not enroll spring semester, he/she may request a refund of his/her deposit as long as he/she notifies the Housing
Office in writing by December 1st of his/her plans to leave the school.
6. Note that this is an annual contract. If an enrolled student moves off campus prior to the completion of the contract period, he/she will still be charged for his/her room and
meal plan for the entire contract period unless he/she is released from this agreement by the Director of Housing. Students requesting to be released from this agreement must
fill out a "Request for Release from Housing Agreement" form in the Housing Office. Generally, students will not be released from the housing agreement except for the
following reasons: graduation, marriage, out-of-town internship and student teaching.
7. Students enrolled during the summer semester are subject to all terms of this agreement
8. Students who must move off campus due to disciplinary reasons will forfeit their deposit if the move occurs after the second week of classes, he/she will be charged
for the entire semester's residence hall and meal charge.
9. Anyone that is eligible for a refund of the deposit must send a written request for a refund to the Housing Office within 275 days after cancelling their contract
or moving out of the residence halls. Otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited.
II. Conditions of W
I. This agreement will also terminate immediately upon the student's withdrawal from the school and notification In writing to the Housing Office of such withdrawal. The
student is required to vacate his/her assigned space within two (2) days of such withdrawal. The student's failure to provide written notification to the Housing Office of
withdrawal from the college will result in the student's continued responsibility to pay Housing charges here under despite his/her having vacated the premises, until official
notification of withdrawal is received, or until the agreement is cancelled by the Housing Office.
2. This agreement may not be terminated without approval of the Housing Office. In the event of termination without approval, obligation to pay rent will continue as
long as the student is enrolled in the college during the agreement period
3. Notice of Withdrawal Must Be Made In
Writing Directly To The Housing Office. Notices made to the Registrar's Office or other college offices do not
constitute official notice of the withdrawal from housing accommodations.
III. Conditions of Agreement
I. The College's acceptance of the agreement does not guarantee assignment to a particular type of accommodation (hall or room) or final admission to the College
The preferences Indicated in this agreement are only preferences and room requests cannot be guaranteed. Assignment is contingent upon final acceptance for
2. Occupancy shall begin on the first day of check-In and shall terminate when the student has checked out properly through his/her resident assistant, turned in his/her
room key to a member of the Housing Staff, and removed his/her property from the room/apartment Termination of occupancy does not imply a release from
the Housing Agreement and the obligation of an enrolled student to pay for the room and meal plan. (See Section I, paragraph 6 above).
3 The Director of Residence Life or his/her designee reserves the right to require changes in room assignments in order to maintain an educational environment conducive to
Intellectual and personal growth after due notice to the assignee.
4. The Director of Housing or his/her designee reserves the right to require changes in room assignments, i.e., consolidation, in order to insure maximum utilization of
Space and resources. Students who lose a roommate or were not assigned a roommate will be given the option to use a room as a single when space will permit. The
Private room rate is one and a half times the standard rate.
5. Authorized MCC Housing or Physical Plant Personnel may enter
Individual student rooms without the resident's permission for maintenance and housekeeping purposes,
fires and safety inspections, and inspection for damage. General room inspections will be conducted periodically When the above noted authorized personnel have reasonable
belief that a violation of the College, state, or federal policy is in progress, and/or for other emergency purposes, they may enter a student's room without notice.
6. This agreement may be cancelled by the College, and room assignments may be changed In the interest of order discipline, health, safety, security, maximum utilization of
facilities, or for the occupant's failure to pay rental charges. The College shall have the right to change or modify the terms of conditions of this agreement as the College so
7. Room
s m
ay be occupied ONLY by students to whom they are assigned Violators will be considered in breach of this agreement Rooms may not be sublet to other persons.
Room transfers may be made only AFTER written approval from the Director of Residence Life. Building changes must be approved In writing by the Director of Residence
Life or his/her designee. Appropriate monetary charges will be assessed and/or disciplinary action will be taken against violators.
8. Rooms are to be kept clean and orderly at all times. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of this agreement Charges will be made for damages to, unauthorized use
of or alterations to rooms, equipment, locks, or buildings and for special cleaning necessitated by Improper care of rooms or equipment Students are Jointly responsible for
care of public areas and equipment and may be charged for damages and special cleaning in public areas or on the floor or In the section of the building where their assigned
rooms are located
9. Rooms must be Inspected by the student's resident assistant (or hall director) prior to checking out of the residence hall. Failure to check out properly will result In
forfeiture of the housing deposit.
10. Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the college regulations and procedures as set forth in the Residential life Guide, Student Handbook, and MCC
Catalog. AII administrative procedures relating to student conduct and/or student housing, as well as other College publications also apply Residents are responsible for the
actions of their guests and will be subject to disciplinary action if their guests violate any policies or regulations. II. The student shall use the demised premises exclusively
for residential purposes, under penalty of forfeiture and damages 12, The College, as well as its representatives, employees, and agents, shall not be liable for, and the student
expressly waives, all claims for loss, Injury or damages to
the student's person or property, or to any other occupant, visitor: patron or guests of the student, resulting from failure to repair or maintain any part of the building, its
equipment or appurtenances, the student's room or any common areas, any accident in or about the same, any acts of theft, burgl
ary or vandalism by any person, or about the
same, or for any loss, injury or damage resulting directly or indirectly from any act or omission, whether negligent, wanton, intentional or otherwise, by another student,
occupant, visitor: patron or guest, or any other person, including all representatives, employees or agents of the college
13. Meal tickets are required of all residents including students living in the College Crossing Apartments.
14. Students are prohibited from having pets in the residence halls this incl
udes all animals, reptiles and birds.
15. Residents must maintain at least a 1.8 cumulative grade point average. Any resident whose GPA drops below a 1.8 may request an exception to this policy from the
Director of Residence Life. If an exception is not granted, this agreement will be terminated and the student will be required to vacate his/her room
16. The full amount of housing is due in the business office one full week prior to check in, or a deferment from the financial aid office on file with said office.