Mentoring Partnership Agreement
The mentoring experience provides students with an opportunity to be mentored by a faculty or staff member on topics
ranging from purposeful life work to time management to leadership theory (or anything else you can think of). The mentor
and mentee will meet for one semester. Called to Lead students will receive 70 points for completing this partnership.
Student’s Name:
Mentor’s Name:
Focus Area:
e have agreed on the following overall goals and/or learning objectives as the focus of this mentoring relationship:
We have agreed on the following plan for achieving the above goals and learning objectives:
e have agreed to maintain confidentiality of our mentoring relationship. At the end of this semester, we will review
this agreement, evaluate our progress, and reach a learning conclusion.
Mentor’s signature/initials and date: ____________________________________________________________
entee’s signature/initials and date: ____________________________________________________________
Please return completed agreements to Stacey Zimmerman (BSC 256 /