Job Address:
Applicant Name: Phone:
Applicant is the: Contractor* Homeowner**
*A Special Plumbers License with the City of Cookeville is required. $50 annual fee based on calendar year.
**If applicant is the homeowner, he/she must read and sign a Homeowner Affidavit.
Property Owner:
City, State, Zip Phone:
Project Information: Existing Commercial Existing Residential
Type of Work:
New Commercial
New Residential
Repair Change-out
Fuel Source: Electric Gas
Heating Equipment Load: BTU’
s KW’s
HVAC Equipment Tonnage:
*Please include a copy of your Manual J calculations or equivalent with this permit application.
Type(s) of Work to be Performed:
Gas Venting Gas Piping Dryer Venting Grease Duct Paint Booth
Furnace Duct
Work Fire Damper Boiler Chiller
Condensing Unit Cond
ensate Drain Refrigerant Piping Residential Kitchen Exhaust Hood
Package Unit Gas
Fireplace Unit Heater Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood
Gas Piping Information: (Please provide the BTU load for all appliances/fixtures.)
Furnace Water Heater Fireplace Cook Stove
Package Unit Clothes Dryer Unit Heater Boiler
Total Value of Work to be Performed:
Permit Fee Calculation: You may use the following link to calculate the permit fee for this application.
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Mechanical Permit