Revised 7/2019
Meal Plan Only Request
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All students have the opportunity to purchase a meal plan for the semester. This is a convenient option for
students on the go. The cost of a meal plan may be paid with financial aid dependent upon each student’s
financial aid package. Please note the meal plan dollars do not carry over week to week or to the following
semester. Another option would be to put money on your ID card and replenish it as needed.
If you would like to purchase a meal plan, please complete this form and return it to Business Services to the
following address:
Business Services
P.O. Box 7751
Havre, MT 59501
You can also drop it off in the Business Service Office, Cowan Hall 207.
Please select one of the following dollar amounts to be placed on our account for meals. Meal plans must be
purchased for the entire semester.
$1,125.00 for the semester
$1,350.00 for the semester
$1,650.00 for the semester
$2,025.00 for the semester
One time amount to be used throughout the semester $ .
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