Last updated on August 5, 2009
McHenry County College
Student Senate Funding Guidelines
The Student Senate has received approximately $10,250 based on student activity fees to help fund
student organizations on campus that will be spent accordingly as approved by the Appropriations
Committee, currently consisting of the entire Student Senate. From this budget, the Student Senate will
review requests from student organizations and allocate the funds based on specific guidelines and
All student organizations requesting funding are required to submit a proposal form. The proposal form
is easily accessible from the Coordinator of Student Life Office (A252) or from a representative on the
Student Senate team.
Guidelines & Criteria
The Student Senate Appropriations Committee will review the proposals submitted using the guidelines
and criteria stated below and will be consistent and fair amongst the student organizations. The funding is
available on a limited basis for each semester, so we encourage student organizations to get their
proposals turned in seven days before the scheduled Student Senate meeting, and a month before the
scheduled activity/event. The basic criteria to follow are:
1. Active Membership at MCC the student organization must be meeting on a regular basis at
MCC, clearly have a mission statement for the group, and have completed all necessary
registration paperwork through the Office of Student Life and Campus Activities and the Student
2. Indicate type of activity/event the activity/event must be described in detail including how
the members will play a part, promotional plans, etc…
3. How this activity/event will benefit the entire student body a description must be
included of how this activity/event will reach out to students at MCC, benefit them, and what is
the scope of the benefit.
4. Proof of fundraising- share fundraising activities and amount earned.
5. Presentation a representative of the student organization must be present at the scheduled
Student Senate meeting to present the funding proposal.
All proposals must be returned to the Treasurer of Student Senate, Kevin Rohde at or placed in the Student Senate mailbox located in A252. Proposals must
be submitted seven days prior to a Student Senate meeting to be considered for approval. If the Student
Senate approves the funds, the Treasurer will contact the student organization to inform the organization
of the Student Senate’s decision. Once the organization receives this notification, it is the organization’s
responsibility to work with the Coordinator of Student Life and Campus Activities in initiating all
necessary paperwork for the transfer of funds. All completed paperwork needs to be reviewed by the
Coordinator of Student Life and Campus Activities. Student Senate will not be responsible for any
paperwork to release these funds.
Last updated on August 5, 2009
Activities that benefit MCC students at large, community service projects, and events that are hosted by
more than one student organization will be given the highest priority.
Here is a list of guidelines and examples to prepare a proposal for request for funding:
Community Service Projects
Funding for community service projects shall be in an amount deemed appropriate in relation to
benefits derived by the student body. The scope of the project may need to be defined and why
the costs are relevant.
Student organizations may wish to bring in a speaker for the entire student body as it pertains to
their specific student organization.
Student organizations may want to participate in a convention or conference that is pertinent to
their efforts. This could include registration fees, lodging, transportation, food costs, etc.
Student organizations may find publications that would benefit their group. Subscriptions may
be requested for certain magazines, newspapers, or books.
Recruitment Functions
Increasing membership for a student organization is important. A recruitment function may be a
way to increase the membership for your group and provide an extra benefit for your current
Student organizations may want to earn more capital by fundraising. While there are no rules as
to how an organization is to fundraise, the organization is limited to a $50 request for startup
Particular supplies may be needed for a student organization to host a fundraiser. Markers,
poster board, scissors, etc. may be needed for a student organization to be able to take part in
creating materials and presentations.
These guidelines can be helpful in creating your proposal for your student organization. Keep in
mind, these are just guidelines. Be creative. Just keep in mind to meet all the criteria as this is
how the Student Senate will be rewarding the funds. Keep in mind that the following restrictions
1. A limit of $750 will be placed on an organization per semester.
If you have any questions or comments, please see the Coordinator of Student Life,
Talia Koronkiewicz in A252 or call (815) 455-8772 or email
Last updated on August 5, 2009
MCC Student Senate
Funding Proposal
Name of Student Organization:
Name of Advisor:
Contact person for this proposal: Phone________________
Event: _______________________________________________________________________
Time(s): _______________________________________________________________
Location: _______________________________________________________________
Target group: ___________________________________________________________
What is the amount of funding you are requesting? Please detail the break down costs.
Item(s) Amount(s)
Total Requesting: ________________________
List organization fundraising efforts and amount gained.
Fundraiser(s) Amount(s)
Last updated on August 5, 2009
Student Senate Funding Proposal Continued...
Please describe the reason for this event and how it benefits the whole student body:
Number of people anticipated to attend this event: __________________________________
How will you publicize this event to get student participation?
Have you had a similar event before? If so, list the number of students involved, processes
and results of the event.
Please include copies of the information that shows the amounts you are requesting;
eg. copy of hotel reservation, copy of subscription form/book form, copy of speaker price,
copy of supply costs for fundraisers, etc.
Advisor: Date:________________________________
MCC is tax-exempt. The funding will not cover tax costs to students or members of the
student organization.