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May 29, 2020
Duininck, Inc.
408 6th Street
Prinsburg, MN 56281
ATTN: Steve Wolbeck, Senior Estimator
Notice of Award and Contract: Contract Purchase Agreement No. 1213768
Effective Date: May 26, 2020
Estimated Amount: $190,000.00
Dear Mr. Wolbeck,
This confirms that the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners (BOC), at the May 26, 2020 meeting,
acted to approve the contract award for the subject ITB No. 20-101233, Bunker Renovation Services at
Mystery Valley Golf Club to Duininck,Inc. in accordance with your response to the Invitation to Bid.
A Notice To Proceed (NTP) meeting will be scheduled. Please work with Michele Smith, Procurement
Agent, mlsmith1@dekalbcountyga.gov, telephone no. (404) 371-6378, in providing the necessary
documents to complete the transaction. Immediately proceed to acquire the certificate of insurance (COI)
and the Agreements with the LSBE vendor (see LSBE information below) in accordance with the terms
of the ITB. Executed contract documents must be returned to this office at the below address at least three
(3) days prior to the date of the NTP meeting.
No work is to begin until you have received the Notice to Proceed from the Procurement Manager of
DeKalb County. No County department has the authority to authorize you to perform any work until the
Notice to Proceed has been issued.
Michele L. Smith
Procurement Agent
Department of Purchasing and Contracting
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Digitally signed by Michele L. Smith
Date: 2020.06.17 16:05:18 -04'00'
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Digitally signed by Delois
Date: 2020.06.17 17:07:47
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