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Website: www.dekalbcountyga.gov
May 28, 2020
Deborah Mitchell, President
R.B. Communications, Inc.
2500 Whites Mill Lane
Decatur, GA 30032
Notice of Award and Contract: Contract Purchase Agreement No.: 1213433
Effective Date: May 26, 2020 through May 31, 2021
Contract Amount Not to Exceed: $100,000.00
Ms. Mitchell:
This letter will serve as official notice to you that ITB No. 19-101202 Installation of Data, Voice and Multimedia Cabling
(Annual Contract with 2 Options to Renew) has been awarded to you. This notice, together with bid and communication,
shall constitute our entire agreement and, for identification purposes, has been assigned Contract Purchase Agreement No.
A virtual notice to proceed meeting will be scheduled and held via Zoom. The purpose of the meeting is to review DeKalb
County’s requirements prior to the start of the contract.
You are hereby reminded that no conditions of this agreement may be modified or changed except through or by the
Department of Purchasing and Contracting of DeKalb County. Requests, instructions, or information received by you from
sources other than the Department of Purchasing and Contracting which are intended to change the contract are to be refused
on the basis that such matters may be handled only between the supplier and the Department of Purchasing and Contracting.
Deliveries and/or services are to be made and/or performed only on an “as ordered” basis. User department(s) of the
County may utilize this agreement and may place telephoned requests for delivery and/or service but only when they are in
position to furnish the applicable contract number which has been assigned by the Department of Purchasing and
Contracting. In such event, the telephoned request will be confirmed by a written County Purchase Order form bearing the
applicable contract number. Main invoices to the department submitting the order. Department contacts will be provided
at the notice to proceed meeting.
Prior to the scheduling of the notice to proceed meeting, the following items must be submitted to Jovan Hooper,
Procurement Agent (jhooper@dekalbcountyga.gov)
Updated Certificate of Insurance per the County’s insurance requirements stated on pages 15 – 17 of the ITB.
Copies of the required certifications:
o Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI)
o Data Cabling Installer (DCI)
o National Electrical Code (NEC)
Jovan Hooper
Procurement Agent
Department of Purchasing and Contracting
Jovan Hooper
Digitally signed by Jovan
Date: 2020.06.16 15:22:44
A. Head
Digitally signed by
Phyllis A. Head
Date: 2020.06.16
15:29:32 -04'00'
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