Maximum Time Frame Appeal
Reason for Appeal: (check all that apply)
Exceeded 150% of the unit requirement of my declared
Educational goal/major.
Earned an Associate Degree and/or Certificate of
Earned a Bachelor Degree or higher (eligible for Loans
I am Appealing for the following term:
(Check one)
Fall 2020 - Appeal Deadline is November 2, 2020
Spring 2021 - Appeal Deadline is April 5, 2021
Summer 2021 - Appeal Deadline is July 12, 2021
Complete all requirements outlined below before submitting this appeal to the Financial Aid Office. Be thorough as the information
provided on this appeal will determine your eligibility to receive financial aid at DVC.
1. Schedule a ONE-HOUR APPOINTMENT WITH AN ACADEMIC COUNSELOR. The Counselor will complete the second page of this
form and help you prepare a comprehensive Educational Plan that will outline the course requirements for your educational goal
at DVC. Make sure that your educational plan includes the courses you are enrolled in for the current semester and reflect only
the courses required to complete your program of study. You can schedule an appointment with a counselor by calling (925) 969-
2140 or by visiting the Counseling Center during office hours.
2. Make a copy of your EDUCATIONAL PLAN and attach it to this form. Keep the original copy for your records as you will be
expected to follow this educational plan in order to continue receiving financial aid at DVC. Also make sure to update your
major to your current educational goal.
3. Write or type a PERSONAL STATEMENT on a separate piece of paper explaining your situation and attach it to this form. ALL
students are expected to address questions A and B listed below. For students who have not met Satisfactory Academic Progress
(cumulative GPA fell below 2.0 and/or did not complete 67% of units attempted), please also complete part 4.
a.) Federal regulation states students are not eligible to receive financial aid funds after they have attempted 150% of units
needed for a degree or if they have already completed a degree and/or certificate of achievement. Why do you believe an
exception should be made in your case? What extenuating circumstances occurred that have caused you to reach
Maximum Time Frame?
b.) What steps are you taking to follow and complete your program of study outlined in your educational plan?
4. If you did not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress last semester (cumulative GPA fell below 2.0 and/or did not complete 67% of
units attempted), please address the extenuating circumstances that caused you to not meet the academic requirements and
submit supporting documentation
. You are also required to complete the SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS (SAP) ONLINE
WORKSHOP. This includes Part I: What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and What it Means to You” and Part II: How
to Appeal Your SAP Status”. To locate go to: Then click on Workshops tab located on the left hand
side bar. Then under “Workshops” click on “Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) online workshopto access the two online
sessions. Once completed, print and attach your confirmation page for both parts of the workshop.
By signing this form, I certify that: (Initial by each statement)
____ I acknowledge that I have read and understand the District’s SAP Policy found on the DVC Financial Aid website.
____ I understand that I am ineligible for financial aid unless my appeal is approved
____ All statements and/or supporting documentation are true and correct.
____ I understand that further documentation may be requested if needed in order to reach a decision.
____ Once a decision has been made, I will be notified in writing via the Insite Portal email.
____ I understand that appeal processing may take more weeks during peak times.
____ I understand that if eligible for Pell Grant, I am limited by federal law to a lifetime maximum Pell Grant of
six full-time years (600%). Once 600% is reached, I will be ineligible for Pell Grant. This will override any
extensions/decisions made through this Appeal. There is no Appeal process if 600% is reached.
____ If my appeal is approved, I must agree to: (1)
Stay on track and only take courses that are on my Educational Plan,
Earn at least a 2.0 GPA each semester and maintain a financial aid cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0, and (3) Complete
at least 67% of all units attempted every semester and cumulatively.
Note to counselor:
Student’s education plan for Maximum Time Frame Appeals must only include courses needed to complete
educational goal
Students should only enroll in courses included on educational plan. Should a student enroll in courses not
included in educational plan they will not be funded
1. Current Semester:
Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Summer 2021
2. Current DVC Major or Program of Study:
3. Transfer Major (if applicable):
4. Total number of units to required complete educational goal at DVC including current semester:
If current semester is the last semester check here
Counselor’s signature: Date:
Counselor’s printed Name:
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