Material Transfer Agreement
Living Collections Access and Distribution Form
(Form must be returned for approval at least one week prior to proposed collection date)
User Information (To be filled out by or on behalf of primary user)
Today’s Date: ____________________________ Proposed Date of Collection: ________________
Name: ___________________________________ Telephone #: ____________________________
Position: _________________________________ Email Address: ____________________________
Organization: ___________________________________________________________________________
Mailing or shipping address: _____________________________________________________________
___________________________ _________________ _______________
FedEx Account # (if applicable) ____________________________
Collection use:
Project Description (please attach an addendum if needed)
Please note any additional requirements/requests for collection or shipping:
Use/Project Type (check one or more box)
Conservation Research
Horticultural Display
Horticultural Research
Molecular Research
Research (other) ______________________
Other _______________________________
Is there an intent to commercialize? No Yes (if yes, this will serve as a conditional agreement, with a new
agreement drawn up for commercial use)
Plant Records Staff Use Only
Source Number: Shipment Number(s):
Date entered: Staff Contact:
Submit completed forms to: Edited 8/2/2018
Species Requested: (To be filled out by or on behalf of primary user. Add extra sheets if more species requested.)
Scientific Name
Material needed (seeds,
stem cutting, leaves, etc.)
*Please refer to Gardens Navigator to find accession numbers of plants in the living collections. Please note that plants listed as non-
public are usually growing in our greenhouse or seed collections. Some plants listed may be growing at our Chatfield Farms or Mt.
Goliath sites.
Samples are distributed under the following conditions:
1. Samples will be used only for the purposes stated in the Project Description.
2. Samples will not be further distributed to others without prior consent of Denver Botanic Gardens’ (DBG)
Horticulture Department.
3. Recipient will provide a report to DBG at the end of the project as well as copies of any publications arising
from use of DBG samples.
4. Samples are generally distributed for research, display or education. Post-research, if there is intention to
commercialize specific plants, a new agreement will be instituted between DBG and the Primary User.
Requester: _______________________________ Approved by: _________________________________
Sarada Krishnan, Director of Horticulture
Date Submitted: _________________ Date Approved: __________________