Revised: 6/2020
Graduate Application
Master of Arts in Psychology
Licensing & Ethical Statement
Licensing and Certification: Agencies typically have regulations denying licensure or certification to anyone who has
been convicted of a felony, most especially one which reflects an offense which would be a cause for disciplinary action if
committed by one already holding the license. Please contact the licensing board in the state you plan to license for
clarification of how a conviction may affect licensing. This clarification should be done before the application for admission
to this program is submitted.
Psychology students are required to read and knowledge that they have reviewed the following information.
American Psychological Association, Ethical Principles of Psychologists, APA Code of Ethics
National Board of Certified Counselor NBCC Ethics
Brandman University Student Code of Conduct
Graduate Psychology Student Progress Report
License Eligibility
I am aware that a criminal background may limit my ability to obtain student liability insurance required for practicum, may
limit my practicum site options or prevent me from securing a practicum placement, and may interfere with or prevent me
from applying for or obtaining licensure.
I have read, fully understand, and agree to the above criminal background statements.
Please enter the state where you plan to practice upon graduation:
Ethical and Professional Responsibility Statement: I acknowledge that I, the undersigned student, have read and
understand the Brandman University MA Psychology Program Policies and Procedures contained in the Brandman
University Catalog, and the Brandman Student Code of Conduct located in My Window. I understand that my program
and/or requirements may be altered only on written request and that any changes must be approved by the Designated
Campus Staff/Full Time Psychology Faculty/Associate Dean/Dean. I agree to adhere to the procedures as outlined and
understand that any appeal of action under these policies and procedures must be made through the Designated Campus
Staff/Full Time Psychology Faculty/Associate Dean/Dean.
It is the obligation and responsibility of the university to determine the student’s appropriateness and suitability for the
helping profession. As a student in a program leading to service in one of the helping professions, I understand that I must
meet all program standards and abide by the ethical standards of the profession and the Brandman University Student
Code of Conduct. I also understand that poor academic work, observed professional deficiencies or any violation of the
professional standards or the Brandman Student Code of Conduct will constitute grounds for disciplinary action against
me, which may include, suspension or termination from the MA Psychology Program, or dismissal from Brandman
I have read and understand the ethical and professional responsibility standards of the profession of the professional
organizations listed above and will comply with these standards and also the following:
I agree to the above ethical and professional responsibility statement. Yes
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