Marshall University
Request for Change in Distance/Regular Student Enrollment Status Designation
Name(Last, First, Middle/Maiden):
Student ID #:
University Email Address:
Date of Birth:
Street Address:
Telephone #:
Distance Program:
Students in the following programs qualify for distance tuition rates if the student is also designated as a Distance Student:
Undergraduate degree programs:
BA, English
BA, General Business
BA/BS, Geography
BS, Medical Laboratory Science
BSN, Nursing (RN Option only)
RBA, Regents' Degree
Graduate degree programsDoctorate:
EdD, Leadership Studies
Graduate degree programs:
MA, Counseling (Hybrid)
MA, Education (Elementary or Secondary)
MA, Geography
MA, Leadership Studies
MA, Literacy Education (Hybrid)
MAJ, Journalism New Media Studies
MA, Special Education (Preschool)
MBA, Business Administration
MS, Accountancy
MS, Adult & Continuing Education
MS, Computer Science
MS, Criminal Justice (Hybrid)
MS, Cybersecurity
MS, Information Systems
MS, Mathematics (Hybrid)
MSN, Nursing (Administration & Education)
Graduate certificate/endorsement programs:
Distance Dietetics Internship
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Mathematics Specialist
Geospatial Information Science-Basic
Instructional Technology & Learning
Literacy Education (Hybrid)
Management Foundations
Mathematics Through Algebra I
Nursing Informatics
School Library Media Specialist
School Principalship
Teaching English as a Second Language
(Licensure & Non-Licensure)
Violence, Loss, & Trauma Cert. Adv. Studies
Distance Students in these programs are not expected to have a campus presence during their academic careers and are afforded a distance
tuition rate in lieu of regular tuition and fees. Distance student tuition rates are not retroactive.
By completing the information above and signing below, you acknowledge your understanding of these policies:
1. I understand that as a Distance Student, my ability to participate in and gain access to certain university activities and events is restricted,
but that I am eligible for certain student services related to my program such as advising, career planning, etc. I further understand that I am
not eligible for graduate assistantship opportunities.
2. I understand that Distance Student status prohibits me from registering for and attending traditional face-to-face classes. Exceptions to this
include courses in which I participate only via an electronic link (video and/or audio) and graduate courses for staff development offered
through the College of Education and Professional Development.
3. I understand that if I register for a traditional face-to-face course as a Distance Student, that registration may be removed from my schedule.
4. I understand, as a Distance Student, if I revert to regular enrollment status to register for and attend any traditional face-to-face classes, the
ability to return to Distance Student status to be eligible for the Distance Student tuition rate may not be available to me.
5. I understand that if I change majors to a degree program other than the one in which I am currently admitted, I will automatically revert to a
regular enrollment status. I further understand that I must reapply for designation as a Distance Student even if I change directly to another
qualifying distance program.
6. I understand that this request does not admit me as a student to the University nor does it change my major; and that in order for a request
for Distance Student status to be processed, I must have been previously admitted into a qualifying distance program or previously changed
my major into a qualifying distance program via the usual University processes.
7. University Employees Only: This status is related to fee assessment only and does not disqualify employees who are also students from
participating in online courses and distance programs; however, employee tuition waivers may be applied to regular enrollment status only.
Employees must select Regular Enrollment Status on this form to be eligible for employee tuition waivers for online classes and programs.
I request my enrollment status be set to (check one): ____ Distance Student Enrollment Status
____ Regular Enrollment Status
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Effective Term Code:___________
By: _________________________
The completed and signed request should be faxed to the Registrar at 304-696-6476, scanned and emailed to, or sent by mail to Registrar, Old Main 106A, One John Marshall Drive, Huntington WV 25755.