Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages
Marriage certificate application Tasmania
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Department of Justice Last updated - September 2019 v3
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SECTION 1: Type of certificate
SECTION 2: Details of marriage
Family name
Given name/s
Date of Birth
Family name
Given name/s
Date of Birth
Place of marriage in Tasmania Date of Marriage
If you do not know the year of marriage please enter the years to be searched:
From To
This office searches a five year period for the standard fee. For searches of six years or more, extended fees apply.
Reason certificate is required
Please select type of certificate:
Priority Standard (additional fees will apply)
Extract (not suitable for ID Purposes)
Extended Search
For information on the
different types of
certificates and fees.
For security reasons your certificate will be sent by registered
post (within Australia) and you will be charged a fee for this
service. *
If you would also like express post please tick the box.
Express and Registered Post
Party 1 details (Name prior to marriage)
Party 2 details (Name prior to marriage)
Applicant name
Relationship to registered person
If you are not the registered person, Births, Deaths and Marriages may contact you requesting further evidence of
relationship documentation.
EmailContact number
Contact name
Street address Town/City
SECTION 3: Applicant details (Identification required see section 4)
Last updated - September 2019 v3Department of Justice
You will need to submit three, current evidence of identity
documents when applying for a certificate from BDM.
Please provide
one document from each list (at least one showing a signature
and one showing your current residential address);
If you post your application please send copies of your
identification that have been certified as true copies of the original
documents by a
Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for
two documents from list 2 and one from list 3 (at least one
showing a signature and one showing your current residential
two documents from list 2 and one from list 1 (at least one
showing a signature and one showing your current residential
If you apply at Service Tasmania you will need to take your
original identification documents with you.
If you have changed your name please provide evidence such as
a marriage or change of name certificate.
Identification list 1
Australian drivers licence
Australian/Overseas passport
Australian firearms licence
Australian Government issued immicard
Australian citizenship certificate
Tasmanian Government personal information card
Department of Immigration & Border Protection certificate of
evidence of resident status
Identification list 2
Medicare card
Bank card or ATM card with signature
Australian security guard licence
Department of Veteran Affairs or Centrelink pensioner
concession card or other entitlement card issued by
Australian Government
Government issued working with vulnerable people card
Birth certificate issued in Australia
Student identity card issued by Education Department
Identification list 3
Utility account (electricity, water, sewerage, phone, gas)
Lease or rent agreement
Council rates notice
Australian Tax Office assessment
Current school report or letter of enrolment
Financial statement (credit, savings or cheque accounts)
SECTION 5: Personal information protection statement - Confirmation of consent
In line with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004, the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is collecting this information so
that it can determine your eligibility to obtain the requested certificate and to prevent fraud. If you do not provide all of the
information requested, particularly that relating to the reason the document is required and your relationship to the registered person,
then you may not be provided with a copy of the certificate. Your personal information may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies,
courts and other organisations authorised to collect it.
Date signed
Payment (only complete if mailing application)
Visa Mastercard
Money order
Card number
Expiry date
Amount $
Name on card Cardholder signature
Processing times and current fees visit -
Submit your form
and payment
By mail
Births Deaths and Marriages
30 Gordons Hill Road
In person
Visit any Service Tasmania shop, for
locations go to
*If you would like your certificate
sent standard mail, by courier or
overseas please contact BDM
1300 135 513.
SECTION 4: Identification requirements