March 13, 2020
South Piedmont Community College
Temporary Teleworking Agreement
This Agreement is between South Piedmont Community College (SPCC) and
_____________________________ (“you”), and must be approved by your Supervisor and
division Vice President with notification to the Human Resources department.
This Agreement supersedes any prior teleworking agreement in place between you and your
supervisor. When administration decides to end this temporary teleworking arrangement, any
prior working agreement will be reactivated. Note that having successfully engaged in
temporary teleworking pursuant to this Agreement does not require administration to agree to
any future teleworking.
This Agreement is a temporary measure only and will be reviewed continuously during the
period in which SPCC encourages social distancing. Accordingly, SPCC at its discretion, may
alter this schedule or end the temporary teleworking agreement at any time.
This temporary teleworking arrangement will begin with approval from your supervisor and
division Vice President commencing on___________________; and will remain in effect unless
altered or terminated at any time as described above.
Terms of Employment
This Agreement does not alter or supersede the terms and conditions of the existing
employment relationship between you and SPCC. While temporarily teleworking, you will work
just as if you were in your regular work location and maintain productivity, performance,
communication and responsiveness standards as if you were not temporarily teleworking. You
will perform all of your duties as set forth in your job description, as well as and/or different
duties that SPCC may assign from time to time. Further, you remain obligated to comply with
all College rules, practices, policies and procedures that would apply if you were working at a
customary SPCC worksite.
Compensation, Hours, and Leave
Your compensation and benefits will not change while teleworking. Work hours and leave
scheduling must conform to the College’s regular business practices. We (SPCC and you) agree
that you will temporarily telework in accordance with your normal work schedule unless
modified by your supervisor. Requests to work overtime or use leave time must be approved by
your supervisor in the same manner as when working at a customary SPCC worksite.
You will record hours worked in a manner designated by SPCC, and will be held to a higher
standard of compliance than office-based employees due to the nature of the work
arrangement. If you are a non-exempt employee, you are not to work overtime without prior
approval from your supervisor and are required to take your rest and meal breaks while
March 13, 2020
Supervisory and Workplace Communications
You agree to maintain regular communication with your supervisor/department and with
students, co-workers, and other stakeholders as necessary to effectively and efficiently carry
out your assigned duties while temporarily teleworking. Regular communications may be
maintained using the technology available such as by computer, mobile phone, email,
messaging application, videoconferencing, instant messaging and/or text messaging at all times
during the times SPCC expects or requires you to work. You are expected to maintain the same
response times as if you were at your regular work location. You will make yourself available to
physically attend scheduled work meetings as requested or required by SPCC. You also agree to
regularly inform your supervisor regarding progress on assignments performed while
teleworking and any issues or concerns that may arise with regard to such assignments.
Equipment and Office Supplies
The College will provide you with equipment and office supplies as deemed necessary while
teleworking. You will be solely responsible for the configuration of and all of the expenses
associated with your teleworking workspace and all services unless SPCC expressly agrees
otherwise. You understand and agree that College-owned resources will be used primarily for
College business in accordance with College policies and will take reasonable steps to protect
any College property from theft, damage, or misuse. This includes maintaining data security and
record confidentiality to at least the same degree as when working at a customary SPCC
worksite and in compliance with all relevant College policies. You will comply with the licensing
agreements for all software owned by the College and used off College premises.
The College assumes no responsibility for any damage to, wear of, or loss of the employee’s
personal property under this teleworking arrangement.
Telework Site Safety
Workers Compensation liability is limited to job-related injuries that occur in the course and
scope of employment while teleworking. You will be required to report any such injuries to your
supervisor and the Human Resources department within 24 hours. The College assumes no
liability for injuries occurring in the employee’s teleworking site outside the agreed-upon work
hours. The College is not liable for injuries to third parties (including members of the
employee’s family) at the teleworking site.
March 13, 2020
By signing this Agreement, you are confirming you have read, understood and will comply with
all provisions listed above. You acknowledge that if your supervisor determines that the
temporary teleworking arrangement described in this Agreement is not working effectively or
as envisioned, administration may at any time adjust or end the temporary teleworking
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